A visit from Papa Mac(s), and some splash pad related adventures.

We always love when people travel to the booming metropolis of Rexburg to visit.
Lets be honest, there isn't a whole lot to do here, so when somebody offers to come see us,
we're like "whoop whoop!"

Grandpa and Great-Grandpa(s?) Mac came and took us out to lunch,
and Boston was loving the attention.
Even though he looks semi-drugged in this picture, I promise he was 
psyched to be sitting next to Grandpa Mac!

Grandpa Mac probably wasn't so psyched when I spilled my whole entire
glass of icy water all over his pants...(I know I know, how old am I)...
but he was a good sport!

Maybe I am just selfish,
but if there is anything that merits Jord leaving work to spend time with us...I'm down!
I guess I just love the guy.
So sue me.
So I was excited to spend the afternoon with him!

Side note... prenatal vitamins are the bomb.
Look how long my hair suddenly got!
...until it all falls out again in the next few weeks. Curse you, post-pregnancy weirdness.

After lunch, we went home to take some pictures, 
and Cam was like:

And then Bost was like, "I-PAD!"

...but we somehow managed to get some good photos out of it all.

Four generations of handsome McMurtrey men, right here.
I love these guys!

Later that day, we looked at each other and said,
 "It's 1000 degrees in our apartment. Lets get out before we kill eachother."
So to the splash pad we went.

Boston thought it was the greatest thing ever...
until he got wet.
Then he was so over it.

Soooo we packed up the swim stuff after approximately 30 seconds at the splash pad,
and headed over to the "no wet" park for Boston.
And, as you probably guessed,
our not-so-brave boy hung out on the stairs (yet again) the entire time.
That kid, I tell you.
He cracks me up.

"I love you, stairs. Don't ever leave me."

And then, this. FACE.
We were dying!!

Oh, and here's our other child.
Isn't he the cutest crying, pooping, bundle you have ever seen??

The end!

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  1. Firstly, this was adorable. We haven't taken Hannah to our splash pad yet {soon, I'm hoping}, but something tells me she'll be of the same mind as Bost. Secondly, I LUFF your car seat cover! I could probably marry it. The end.