Hi, I'm Kelsey. and I'm a DDC addict.

Let's just take a minute to talk about dirty diet coke. Uh, hello. Why I have never tried such thing until my 24th year is beyond me. If you are not versed in the ways of dirty diet coke, here's how it goes down. Take a walk to your local gas station called Great Scott's [which is possibly the weirdest/ goobiest name for a gas station, but hey]. Proceed to find the largest barrel for drink that they have, and fill it with soft ice and of course, some dc.

Then find the coconut pump. You've got to do at least three huge pumps to taste the right ratio of coconutty goodness in your dc. Stir stir stir, and you're golden.

IT IS LIFE CHANGING. I'm not being dramatic or anything. I'm never dramatic.

I used to like diet coke, you know, it was good to me. But adding coconut into the mix? Now I'm just a full-blown addict. Let me paint you a picture of this level of addiction:

We are at the park and I get parched? I start scrounging my diaper bag and car floor for random pennies for a ddc. At the pool? I get a whiff of somebody's coconut tanning oil, and immediately get in my car to fetch a ddc. At home? I consider calling Jord at least every day before he gets home from work to stop and pick me up a ddc. See where this is going?


also, Sonic makes a mean ddc. Probably the best.

Now if you'll excuse me,

I'm feeling parched.

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