The Wagners come to town!

I was so excited when my cute aunt, Rachel, called to tell me they were in Idaho to visit. 
They were headed home from a family reunion, and wanted to stop by.
I was like "Whoop whoop!!" cause I just love this family, 
and we never get to see them!

So we met at the splash pad to let the kids get soaking wet
stand around wimpering.
(Okay...so that was just my kid. Any ideas on how to make him brave??)

Do you see Boston in this next photo going down the slide??

Oh, you don't?

Me neither.
He was sitting beside me scarfing an orange at this moment, 
avoiding the water at any measure possible.
You've gotta love the kid.

Thanks for coming to visit us, Wagner fam!!
We love you guys.

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