Bluegrass ward Trunk or Treat!

Our ward had its annual trunk or treat last weekend, and Boston was SO stinking excited to be there. As we were driving to the church, there was like, a tangible excitement in the air, is really the only way to cliche-ly put it. (that was a terrible sentence.) But there was a definite pre-trick-or-treating buzz going on. All the candy anticipation and such. (You know the kind.)

Side note: On the way to our church, there are approximately 12 other churches on the same road. Most are bigger, pretty massively giant, actually. And most are Baptist of some kind. Boston thinks it's an awesome game to figure out which church is ours. It goes a little something like,

"Dat not our church. Dat one not our church...... DAT ONE OUR CHURCH, MOMMA!!"

Yelling it like he just won a million bucks. Stinking cute.

And so. Trunk or treating! With Captain America and gang.

Spooooooky ghost selfie with "cat-woban and souuup-a-ban!" as Boston says.

Boston talked about this awesomely decorated spider car for days. He randomly remembers it while he is eating dinner, or laying in bed at night, or mid-prayer, and yells, "Ohhhh man. Spider car AWESOME!" It gets me every time.

IF THIS PICTURE IS NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER..... my gosh. I just die every time.
It is the epitome of childhood, right here. A bucket of candy, a cheap costume, rosy cheeks... I love it.

We love the missionaries in our ward. They are the bomb diggity. They're buddies with Boston, who now always asks about the "Elduws." He loves them.

It probably helps that they call him "Captain" at church. I'm pretty sure he thinks it's his name.

So, Jord and I have never really dressed up for Halloween. But with Boston, not dressing up wasn't an option. I think he has asked us "What Mommy be?" and "What Daddy be?" (for Halloween) like a zillion times a piece. So we thought, yolo! And jumped in.

And now. I give you one hundred variations of superhero family photos.
You're welcome in advance for Camden's Batman headpiece. And chubby-faced smile.
And overall cuteness.

Side note about Clark Kent's costume (Apparently I'm really good at this side note business. aka, I'm kind of all over the place? I don't know): Anywaaaaaaays, he was going to wear his glasses, you know, because Clark Kent wears glasses. Duh.

But then. YOU GUYS. A certain recently-potty-trained-two-year-old in our household decided that it would be awesome to go...ahem...number two in his undies right before we left.

TMI. And so disgusting, I know.

So, you could say Clark was a little distracted and forgot his glasses, due to the poo-poo incident of '13. And he went with the contact lenses instead. Woof.


So then we got home and we were like "We didn't take enough pictures! Let's take more." (I don't know.)
And I was all, "Jord, be serious for this one."

Then we were like "We are idiots."

So, I feel like Halloween is over and done. Parties parties parties, candy candy candy. Barf. 
But hey! It's not over yet.

Because apparently, trick-or-treating in Lexington has been moved to tomorrow night....November 1st. Due to crappy weather or something. Can you really just up and move Halloween??? Mehhhhh.
And so. Gird your loins! 

Cause Halloween is taking over my liiiiife! So I'm sure you will see another post about it soon.
In the meantime, eat some candy.
That's what I'm doing.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. SOOOOO cute! I am dying over here. And, yes, that picture is definitely the epitome of childhood Halloween-y happiness. Love your kids! And you look amazing in your costume! You've had two kids?! Lies. I'm pretty sure you just baked 'em up in the oven with a special "mind-blowing adorable kids" recipe. Cheater-face. And tell Jord that his forehead curl was the bomb.com. :) Love you, lady!