So, Kentucky has my heart. One million times over. I know I know...I'm always raving about Kentucky, and you're probably like "Okay. Enough! I can't handle this cheesefest anymore" but you guys, I can't stop!! I am in luuuurrrve with this place.

Last weekend we went out to Keeneland to see some of the last horse races of the season (until May). They did races pretty much all moth, and of course we waited til the last possible second to get out and see one. But yo! We made it! And it was a blast.

It's such a unique environment at a horse race. You can't really explain it until you've been there, but alas. I will try. So, imagine lots of rich people smoking cigars, hoards of people wandering aimlessly with giant beer cups, tons of crowds, and you betcha, lots of gambling.

Yep. Basically Vegas. Imagine Vegas.

Then throw in some horses, and you've got yourself some good, clean fun!
(Er...minus the good and clean, for some people. But okay.)

Random side note: Boston gets stopped every five feet now, because he's always wearing Boston garb. (And the Sox are in the world series.) People are always like,
"Yeah! You know who to cheer for!" "Go Sox!" "You've got your team right, kid!"

And Boston just grins. He has no clue what they're saying, so I'm sure he's just thinking, "Yeah! I'm the shiz!"

Obligatory selfie. Because YOLO.

Right before a race starts, this little man in a sweet old-school ensemble comes out onto the track, and sounds the trumpet alarm. For real. Did anyone else think that this only happened in movies??

Well folks, this is real life. And a real little trumpet man. So awesome and also, so weird.

Sometimes I look at Boston and I just about melt from his cuteness. Seriously, I just can't even. Where did this tiny human come from?? And how is he mine?????

(I know where he came from, you guys. Trust me. I KNOW. A mother will never forget that process called labor. Even if she wanted to. Woof. Okay, tangent over. Now back to the cuteness!)

Mesmerized by racing horsies.

When Boston saw these miniature jockey men, I'm fairly sure he thought they were all his new buddies. He would point excitedly at one and ask "Mom! Was dis name??" and then at another, "Was dis one name??"

So perfectly two-year-old'ish and cute of him.

You guys. The grounds at Keeneland are In-SAAAANE-ly beautiful. Off the hizzy (??). Especially right now. The fall leaves, the perfect archways and grass... bah. I was dying. I'm fairly sure I was creeping out strangers left and right by snapping a hundred pictures, but I didn't care one bit.

Uh, lady, why you taking pictures of me?

Not you, random balding dude. Just the freaking amazing grounds.

They brought some horses out for the kids to pet, and Boston about lost it. He was so excited. He was freezing and starving and had snot dripping down his face by this point, but he didn't care one bit. He lit up like a light when he got to pet that horse.

So priceless.

Now's about where you say, So, you even took pictures of the parking lot?? You're kind of a psycho.

I know, I know.
I just couldn't help it!!! I mean, just look.

He's a heart-melter. This one.

And whallah. 
Another thing crossed off my 25 before 25 list!

And also, reason 974 why I think I might need to stay here for ever and ever, amen.

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  1. love it!!! I'm super jealous ha. Maybe we can come out and visit you guys before you leave because I really want to see Kentucky!! And I really just wanna hang out with you guys because it seems like you're ALWAYS doing super fun things. And also, I love your hat. I might need to copy you and get one.