Boston's Halloween bash!

Boston has been stinking excited for Halloween since, I don't know, mid-summer time? So I thought what the heck. Let's make this year's Halloween the best one yet for him. And throw a little party! So, boom.
That's what we did.

We invited some of Boston's tiny friends over, and guys. Did we party or what?! It was an all around sugar high-costume-cupcake-kid fest. And it was a blast.

And so.
We got down and boogied to the monster mash! Well, two littles did.
And it was sooo cute!
(Side note: In case you haven't noticed already, you're in for another round of high quality phone photos. Hold on to your hats!)

(the audience)

We got made into toilet paper mummies. Well, Sophia did! And she made a darling mummy, at that. I swear, I could eat this girl. She is that cute.

We decorated spooky treat bags, and we had LOTS and LOTS of Halloween-ish snacks! And I'm 99 percent sure that was every kid's favorite part. Eating ten pounds of sugar before nap time??
Sounds like an excellent plan to a two-year-old!
To the moms? Not so much.

The kids were so cute dressed up in their costumes. Declyn made an adorable Buzz Lightyear. Boston kept going up to him and yelling excitedly in his face--

"I push you buttons? Beep boop, BEEP BOOP!" while pushing Declyn's costume crazily. So. stinking. cute.

I think Titan gets the award for the best 'on-command' smile. That kid! My gosh. Every time he saw a phone pointed at him, he dropped what he was doing and sported the most perfect smile ever. What a crack up!

Rachel and her sweet baby Landon! He was a good sport to put up with all of the bigger kids. But hey, at least he had some other baby-friends to play with, right? I love babies. They're pretty rad.

"Hey Boston! I mean, er, Captain America! Give me a smile?"

Good enough. 

And okay. Can I just take a minute and tell you how much Boston LOVES Captain America? Because he does. Like SO much, you guys. He has two different Captain helmets, a Captain action figure, two different shields, a Captain t-shirt, the movie, a Captain blanket..... woof. You get the idea.

But no complaints here. Because hi. Look at him. 
Freaking cute.

And don't even get me started on these two. Mark my words. They will be married someday.
(You guys are cool with arranged marriages, right Alicia? Okay perfect.)

These kids. Are they not he cutest things ever?? Even though a group shot with two year olds is, let's be real here, impossible, we still gave it our best shot. I think the sugar rush had started in at this point too, so that was definitely not helping our cause.

And now, I give you the best two photos. (of approximately 232 tries.)

All in all, our little party was a success! Boston now asks me everyday, 17 times a day, when we are going to have another "spooky party."

Maybe next year, kid. Maybe next year.

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  1. I'm cool with arranged marriages as long as polygamy is okay ;) I still want Abbi to marry that cute Boston Boy!