You guys. Holidays are so much better when you have kids. I mean when you're little, all holidays rock. Things are magical and sparkly...and then suddenly you're a teenager, and everything sucks. You know. Don't pretend like you weren't one of thooooose teenagers. We all had our angsty moments.

But then, you have kids of your own. And all of a sudden, the magic is back! It is kind of the greatest thing ever. Boston has been obsessed with Halloween since August (we busted out Spooky Buddies on Netflix pretty early. kachow!), and I'm LOVING his enthusiasm. It's stinking cute.

So the other day, we went to our friends the Ellingson's house to carve pumpkins. Our artistic carving skills were a little lacking, but yo. We gutted those puppies and had a heck of a time anyways.

And so, phone pictures.

Above photo snapped after Bost decided to taste some guts. Yup.

The kids had mixed reactions to the whole pumpkin carving idea. Boston liked gutting it for about three minutes, and then he ran off to play with "Cooooo toys Mommmm!" for the rest of the night. Miles drew intricate murals onto his pumpkin, and Titan entertained a very chubby Camden all night.

I think Camden is looking rather trim. Don't you?

I didn't force Jordan to take this picture or anything. I never force him to do awkward things for the sake of my photos and blog. Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?

And the best dog photo bomb award goes tooooo:

I love you, Cam bam.

When we got home, I told Boston we were going to light the pumpkins' candles. I don't think he has ever been more confused slash excited in his little life. When we lit the candles, he kept sniffing the pumpkins and exclaiming,

"Mmmm! Smells yike PUMPKINS!"

The poor child was a little lost.

Isn't Jord's Captain America pumpkin impressive?? He slaved away on that bad boy for Boston... and Bost about peed his pants of excitement. He loved it so much that he kept asking if he could sleep with his "Capt' Amedeecaa pumpkin." Cutest thing ever.

So then I told Boston to get by the pumpkins and smile, and wow. These hilariously awkward pictures were the result. Oh, how I love my kid.

More Halloween posts....comin' attcha!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this post so much! Can't believe how big Boston is getting!?! It's freakin me out!