I was just going through my iPhone photos from the last couple of months, and I kept stumbling onto the cutest pictures of Boston and Camden together. Playing at the park, hugging each other, getting into trouble and making messes together... you know. Your basic brother-type stuff. And every time I found a new photo of them, I couldn't help but think "Holy crap. I love these children!!"

Yes. Having two kids (...ages two and under) is hard. I don't get to shower every day, my laundry pile grows twice as quick, and the boxes of mac 'n cheese disappear doubly fast at lunchtime. Sometimes I feel like just when I clean up one mess, I turn around and both boys are happily drawing on the couch (WITH PENS). Or rubbing toothpaste into the carpet. Or feeding each other sticks. Or eating entire bags of marshmallows.

Having two kids means having twice the chaos. But you know what the great thing is? Two babies means twice the happiness. Two babies means twice the goodnight kisses, and twice the snuggles. Two babies means that when one boy is sad, the other is there to cheer him up with a fistful of goldfish crackers. Two babies means that I have one to hold in each arm, and that makes my heart kind of explode.

I can't even believe that this is my life.
Seriously, I am the luckiest.

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  1. THESE PICTURES. They totally slay me. Every. single. one. of. them. SOOOOO cute! Keep up the great mothering, Kelsey, dear. You're quite the example to me :)