When Syd came to visit.

A few weeks ago my sister Syd came to see us, and we basically had the best time ever. We ate tons of food, watched movies... and vegged with two sick babies. Yeah, that part wasn't so fun. The week she was here was literally the most sick either of them have ever been. But she was a good sport, and we LOVED having her here!

I'm so going to miss her when she goes on her LDS mission to HAWAII. Yeah, I know. I'm already scheming how we are going to go visit her while she's there. Because, duh, Hawaii.

^^The babies were obsessed with her. They constantly attacked her.^^
We went to Keeneland to see a few horse races, and it was a blast... slash the most crowded place on the earth. We inadvertandly went on the busiest day of the season. Ha! It was seriously wall-to-wall people. Let's just say Jord did some expert maneuvering of our double stroller between hoards of mingling singles and beer cups. What a guy!

We also went to Boston's favorite place, Monkey Joes! He seriously would live there if he could. Syd was a good sport and played on the toys with him, and he was in HEAVEN. 

^^Cam wasn't so sure about the whole experience. But just look at that face. I MEAN.^^
^^We made some great food. Because guys, food is everything. Pesto pizzas ftw!^^

^^Best aunt.^^

Girl, we love you! You're going to rock it on your mish. 
And all of the Elders are probably going to fall in love with you. Because that's what you get for being #babestatus. Yep, just hash tagged in a blog post. What whaaaat?

Anyways, love your guts. Thanks for coming to visit!!

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