Okay, alright. Okay. I know. I've been neglecting the blog!

But I have good reason. Jordan's family came to visit us in Kentucky and we have been partying hard all week long. Like, there has literally been no time for blogging here, people. We've been going to baseball games, eating a TON, going to movies, going shopping, eating some more... you know, your basic party-vacation week schedule. It has been awesome.

And so! I've totally fallen off the blogging train. (Which isn't even a thing, but just go with it.)

My head might possibly explode because I have SO MANY pictures to post! But first, I need to take another momentary (week long) pause. Because on Monday, me and Jordan are throwing our babies in the car and heading to the beach! I CAN'T WAIT. I am literally dying from anticipation. (Okay not literally. But you know.) We are coming for you, South Carolina!

So I won't be back to blogging regularly quite yet. But I promise I will be posting one million photos of my deliciously chubby children before you know it. Because who can live without seeing those arm rolls for too long? NOT ME.

In the mean time, here is a picture of Camden at the ball field. Just being cute. Because that's what he does best.

I can't wait to post all about our week with the Mac fam, and our week at the beach!

Stay tuned!