The Mac Family visits Kentucky! {part I}

Before this visit, it had been nearly a year since we last saw the McMurtrey family. A YEAR. That is far too long, friends!! So we were more than excited when they hopped in the car and traveled across the country to come and visit us for a week. Face Time on Sundays is a magnificent thing, but sometimes it just doesn't cut it. You just need to SEE people in person, in real life huggable form, you know?

Family visits are the BOMB.

Also, Jordan's brother Kadan left on his LDS mission when Boston was only 3 months old, and so we hadn't seen him for almost three years! We were SO happy to see him again, and to watch him meet our babies! It was awesome, and Boston basically made it his mission to invade Kadan's personal bubble all week. Ha!

Now for some photos!

{ Here's a disclaimer for ya: these photos are going to be a huge random-mcrandomfest of our first few days with the Mac family. A chaotic pile of photos, thrown at your face, basically. So get pumped, baby!}

^^post-church photo opp!^^
We played a whole lotta' baseball while they were here, and Boston couldn't have been more thrilled. That boy adores baseball, and adores his baseball-loving uncles even more!
^^"Hey Moooommm? I want a marshmallow.^^
^^Um, almost, buddy.^^
^^I know I posted this once...but I just couldn't resist. I WANT TO EAT HIM!^^

Grandma Mac bought Boston an awesome Wolverine costume, and he seriously has not taken the thing off. Okay, only for bath time (but he would definitely wear it in there too if he could). The boy is obsessed with his superheros!

He was SO into his Wolverine role one day... that we had a bit of a mishap. He was wrestling super tough (wolverine-style) with his uncle Kadan, and he came down on his tongue and bit through it. I know. It was the worrrrrrsssst. So traumatizing, and also, really gross. The poor kid!!

(He's since recovered back to his full superhero state. And actually, he offers to show random strangers his tongue all the time. "Hey guy! Want to see my tongue owie?? I hafta show you!")
^^His poses!! He kills me.^^
^^"Yook at my claws, momma!"^^
We had to hit up The Parkette for lunch one day, because of course! It's a Lexington classic. Grandpa Mac and Boston rocked the pinball machine, and then we all stuffed our faces with burgers.

Nothing beats a good, old school burger joint!

(But ohhhhh the heartburn. Tums, anyone?)
^^I love this family!^^
^^My boys were obsessed with the little cars that their meals came in. So freaking cute.^^
^^I love you, dimpled baby!^^
Later in the week, we headed to Keeneland to check out the race track. There aren't any horse races going on right now, but the grounds are GORGEOUS year round, so we had to go (and snap one million photos, of course. But are you even surprised about that? I have a problem.)

^^It is so greeeeeeen!^^
^^Classic Boston. I will never get tired of his extreme (slash borderline angry looking) cheeser faces.^^

Then we hit up the Steak 'N Shake. Which, hello. BEST COOKIE DOUGH MILKSHAKE OF MY LIFE. (that needed to be in all caps, guys. It was that good.) Who knew the Steak 'N Shake held such promise??

Freak! Now I want another shake. Just give me all the ice cream!

^^Kadan was obviously thrilled that I forced him to take a thousand photos before he took a bite. SORRY! I'm the worst.^^
^^Nothing says classy like a family photo in front of the Steak 'N Shake. Thumbs up emoji!^^

More photos of the Mac family visit...coming up quick!!

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