Snowmageddon, 2015. (+ a trip to Louisville!)

I know I've been trying to catch up on blogging the rest of 2014....but guys. It's killing me. I mean, IT WAS SO LONG AGO. And I want to blog about what we're doing now, and not like, six months ago. You know?

So I'm hopping ahead to the present. So that I can tell you about the INSANE snowstorm we just had. Because holy cow, it was intense. And that's coming from a girl who grew up with snow! But this, this was just crazy.

First, you must know this about Lexington, Kentucky: We usually get a bunch of random "winter storm warnings", and public schools freak out and shut down, and everyone gears up for the worst... and then nothing happens. Maybe it will get a little cold, or maybe it will snow an inch or two...but other than that, it's pretty weak sauce as far as winter goes. (Granted, if there is an ice storm, that's a totally different story. Because those are nuts!) But this time... this time all of the weather warnings we got were definitely real! The insanely cold temperatures mixed with the ginormous amount of snowfall, and basically created snowmageddon for everyone east of the Mississippi.

And now, I will tell you the story. In picture form. (Because of course!)

On the first day of the crazy snowpocalypse, we woke up to this:

Which, you know. No biggie! But then the snow didn't stop. And pretty soon, I couldn't see our car. And soon, everything shut down. Schools, restaurants, businesses, the mall, everything. Kentucky even declared a state of emergency!
^^Can you find our car under that branch? Me neither.^^
And pretty soon after that, we couldn't see much of anything outside at all. Anything but lots and lots of snooooowwwww. So we were like, "Okay, no big deal! We have food and electricity and five hundred movies, so we're good!" and we planned on staying inside for the next while.

...until we realized that Camden was on his last diaper. And our car was so buried and the roads were so bad that we couldn't get out (even if we wanted to). So Jord, being the good man that he is, bundled up and made the trek to our nearest drugstore for some diapers. Also, he helped push out like five cars on his way there. I know. WHAT A GOOD MAN. I love him.
^^This is what he looked like when he got back. He was kind of a popsicle!^^
Meanwhile, the troops were getting maaaajoorrrly restless being trapped inside.
^^See what I mean?^^
So the next morning, we made a resolve to GET OUT of the house. Even if it was freezing and snowy, at least the sun was out! And we had to get out for at least five minutes, or we were all going to go insane. So we bundled up, and out we went!

We didn't last longer than an hour, because we have zero actual snow clothes, and it was COLD! But man, it was nice to get out for a second. And guys. The amount of snow we saw was off the hizz-ay. Like, ten inches in one day. INSANE.
^^We are so classy with our makeshift snow toys. Ka-chow!^^
And then Jord and Bost had an epic snowball fight. And it was the cutest. It made me think, "Hey, maybe I don't mind this snow stuff!" But then I realized that who was I kidding, I AM NOT A FAN. And probably never will be. (Take me to the Bahamas!!!!)
^^Perfect shot, buddy! Right to the chest.^^

The road out of our parking lot was so bad that there were random, abandoned cars parked everywhere. They had either tried to leave, or tried to come home and park, but just couldn't get out of the snow on the main road...so they just gave up and left. We saw one guy start to drive down the road, see how bad it was, and then back up immediately and go back home. It was crazy!
^^parked car in the middle of the road.^^
^^Yeah...I'm pretty sure our little Ford Focus would have a rough time on this road.^^
And while Jord helped push another handful of people out in their cars... I sat on the side of the road with my children and forced them to take selfies. Because, naturally. I mean, I'm only thinking of others here!
^^I love this boogery baby.^^
Then we went inside for lunch, and I made myself a giant strawberry summer salad. I don't know, maybe to help bring the warm weather back to us sooner?? I mean, it didn't work or anything... but it was a great salad.

That night, Jord dug out our car so that we could actually leave the next day if we needed to. But... then we woke up to two more inches:

Jord had school (it would be the only day that week that he did), but me and the boys were trapped in the house yet again. And you know what, it wasn't so bad! We entertained ourselves with play dough and coloring and Hungry Hungry Hippos, and it was pretty great!

But then, the weather report came in for the next few days. And it was supposed to be SO COLD that you couldn't even go outside for more than twenty minutes without a possibility of frostbite. So cold that the University cancelled classes for the rest of the week!
^^Just look at that. FEELS LIKE -13?? At noon? I can't even.^^
Guys, I won't lie to you. I mean, it's my blog, so I could definitely lie if I wanted to. And tell you that I handled the cold weather and snow and cabin fever like a champ, and that it was no big deal. But that would be a BIG FAT LIE.

Because I actually had a major, overly-dramatic meltdown on Wednesday night. Like a huge, blubbering cry fest...where I stuffed my face into a pillow and complained of our sad, cold, fate to Jord. (Who, sidenote, was secretly filming the whole thing. The punk! But I still love him. And no. No way will anyone ever see it! So mortifying.)

But! We decided to spice up our lives, and do something different before we all went crazy. So we made sure the roads were okay, booked a hotel in Louisville, and headed off for a mini staycation!
^^So happy to be out of the house! And in the car! And on the road!^^
The boys didn't last long before they both conked out in the car. And it was adorable.

We were all so excited to get to the hotel and mix up our usual routine! The boys immediately started running around our room and squealing with excitement... you would have thought we were at disneyland. I love how fun life is with kids!!

We checked in, went to our room, and changed into our suits to hit up the indoor pool! The boys were DYING to get in the water and get some wiggles out.
^^28 week baby bump! And cute 20 month old baby.^^
^^I love these two water bugs!^^

After our swim, we cleaned up and got ready for some dinner!
But not before some quality Sponge Bob watching while chilling in the bed, because obviously.

We went to the BEST little BBQ joint called The Feast, and had some amazing pulled pork sandwiches, homemade pickles, and bacon mac & cheese. Yeah. I'm still drooling over it!
^^monkey face!^^
^^Sweetest ever. I love them!^^
After dinner, we met up with some of our good friends, the Smiths, for some ice cream! Because what else would you eat in negative degree weather?

We love the Smiths. And their darling baby. And hey! The ice cream was great, too.
^^Boston insisted on sitting in a mini rocking chair for this photo. Like, he dragged it over and everything. I love that weird child!^^

Then we headed back to the hotel, where the boys enjoyed some half-nakie bed jumping.
And then they were off to snooze-land!
^^Chaotic blurry happiness.^^
The next morning, we hit up the Louisville Slugger Museum before we had to go back to Lexington. We had been there before about a year ago (remember this post?), but Boston loved it so much last time, that we figured it was high time for another visit!

The boys LOOOOVED it. I mean, a place where they could run around and play baseball inside? So perfect. Also, we were pretty much the only ones there, which was awesome. Perks of freezing cold weather, I guess? We were not complaining one bit.
^^Jord hit a few balls at the batting cage, and totally rocked it!^^
^^The giant mitt that Boston thought was a taco last time. Ha!^^
^^Cam kept waving to the fake baseball men saying "Hi guy! Hi guy!"^^
^^Watching the pitcher. Striiiiiike!^^
^^Nobody there but us!^^
If you're ever in Louisville, you have to make a stop here. It is awesome. Boston asks when we can go back all the time! It's definitely a must-see when you are in Kentucky!
^^Family photo!^^
After a really fun couple of days, we headed back home to our frozen tundra! A snow plow had pushed most of the snow to the side of our parking lot, which is unfortunately where the drain is. So when it started to rain and rain and rain after all that snow, we knew we were in trouble! The snow was blocking the drain so bad that the water started to come right up to our front door.

So Jord, being the awesome guy that he is, bundled up and went outside to fix it. He shoveled and shoveled for over an hour in the cold, and finally got to the drain. He came inside soaking wet, and grinning from ear to ear: "I did it! I finally got the dang thing!" he said. Haha. He saved us (and our neighbors!) from some major flood potential! I seriously love him. Have I mentioned that?
^^Jord, shoveling away, in the dark...in the middle of an icy lake!^^
And so! If you made it to the end of this post, you deserve a gold star. Or a big chocolate brownie. Or some cookie dough. (Can you tell I'm pregnant? And I have the late night munchies? Because I am, and I do.)

But seriously. Thanks for reading this saga.
You da best!

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