Holland Beck McMurtrey // 4.27.2015 // the hospital photos

Our little Holland boy. It's crazy to me that four months have already gone by since his birth. It has FLOWN by. And while we're at it, it seems like ages ago that I was pregnant!! (and I'm pretty glad it feels that way. Woof!) Time just passes so quickly with a new baby, and it is sooo sad. I want that little baby-ness to stay forever!

Holland is such a special baby. His birth was seamless and perfect, and we fell in love with him instantly. He is calm and happy, and brings SO much joy into our home. It sounds so cliche, but I really wonder what I ever did without him. Holland fits like a puzzle piece into our family, and man, we feel so lucky to have him! 

My good friend Jenny came and took photos of us with our sweet Holland baby in the hospital, and she did a phenomenal job (as usual). She captured the boys interacting with Holland for the first time, and it was just perfect. I will treasure these photos forever!

^^pure sweetness.^^
^^Teeny tiny baby feet! There is nothing better.^^
^^My Camden boy. He has such a tender heart, and immediately nuzzled into Holland when he saw him.^^
^^Boston was so gentle with him. He was worried he would hurt him, so he kept his distance for a minute. But then he asked if he could help brush Holland's hair... and my heart exploded. SO PRECIOUS.^^
^^Checking out baby Holland Beck.^^
^^"Baby's ears, momma? Baby's ears?"^^
^^First photo as a family of five. How did I get so lucky?^^

Thank you so much for these photos, Jenny.
I love them.

And I feel so blessed to have three little guys in my home now! How is it possible that I have THREE CHILDREN?? So crazy, and so awesome.

Every time I think about my life, I just can't believe how lucky I am. 

{See hospital photos of baby Boston, here. See hospital photos of baby Cam, here!}

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  1. How have I not commented on this?! I mean, honestly. I just love this so much! These pictures allow me to feel like I was there with you guys. I love it! :) I miss your face!