JUNE! (A few Utah photos!)

So, even though it's Fall now (YAY FALL!), and now we are in Kentucky (YAY KENTUCKY!), I realized I never really posted any photos from our Summer in Utah! So I tried to narrow it down to just a few... and that wasn't happening. I TAKE A LOT OF PHOTOS OKAY. I know. I have a problem.

But it's so fun to have these memories captured... so I'm going to share some of my faves.
Here is the month of June!

(Buckle up, folks. It's gonna be a long one.)

^^Holland at a month and a half old. I can't believe how tiny he was.^^
^^Celebrating Grandpa Mac's birthday with ice cream!^^
^^"Uh, hello? Where am I?"^^
^^I love this baseball boy.^^
^^It was so fun to see my Snow College roommates and all of their kids!^^
^^The sneaky snacker.^^
^^Grandpa Chub's baseball game! They were all in heaven.^^
^^Cedar Hills Carnival! They were just a tad obsessed with the swords they won.^^
^^Grandma Gillman & Aunt Syd!^^
^^Seriously. Look how tiny he was. WHY do they grow up so fast??^^
^^These boys loved hanging out with my parent's dog, Bo.^^
^^I mean come on. Even if you hate animals, isn't this heart melting??^^
^^Syd's wedding! She got married in the mountains... and we were quite a site trekking it up the hill with our beverages (in heels!)^^
^^She looked beautiful!!^^
^^My sisters. And our basically sister.^^
^^Love this cute sister of mine. Isn't she a babe??^^
^^Just a boy walking his pup.^^
^^Thanksgiving point Farm Country with friends!^^
^^I love these guys!! More Snow College roomies.^^
^^I'm pretty sure this cute, sassy Kenna needs to marry my Camden boy!^^
^^Remember Utah grass and how you can lay on it? Sigh. Come on, Kentucky! Get 'cho head in the game.^^

^^Goggles with Grandpa!^^
^^Tiny superheroes.^^
^^These fishies loooooved swimming in a big pool.^^
^^Boston & Matix. Besties and selfie-pro's at such a young age.^^
^^The Bell boys and the McMurtrey boys!^^
^^I loved seeing these great friends from my college dancing days!!^^
^^Strawberry Days Rodeo!^^

^^Those dimples. Man, I'm in for it when he's a teenager.^^
^^He was so tiny and precious!!^^

^^My little monkeys.^^
^^We had a blast at the Tracy Aviary in SLC with Aunt Jordan!^^
^^Pure, naked, summertime bliss.^^
^^Riverton Days!!^^
^^"Hey Holland, pitch to me!^^
^^Chubba-lubba with Aunt Whit^^
^^Shave Ice!^^
^^These boys loooved riding Jordan's scooter. They still talk about it!^^
^^Heart. Melting.^^
^^We went to The Puppy Barn with Aunt Talyn, and the kids loved it. Now they ask for a puppy like everyday...but yeah. Soooo not happening.^^
^^One of our many FaceTimes with Daddy. We missed that guy!!!^^
^^Blowing bubbles with Grandma Mac!^^
^^I MEAN COME ON. I can't get over him.^^
^^Swimming with Syd!^^
^^They each got a dollar for a sno-cone, and they could not have been happier. Kids are just the best.^^
^^"I yike it po-po one, mama."^^
^^Holland LOVED his Uncle Tanner. Every time Tanner came around, he would smile and talk like crazy. So precious!^^
^^Helping Grandma & Grandpa make brownies!^^
^^I love this cheeser boy.^^
^^And this one!^^
^^Sibling pic!^^
^^... which quickly went downhill when Tanner sneezed all over my head. Ha! I love these weirdos.^^
^^Cute face.^^
^^Cuter buns.^^
^^Just jumpin' on the tramp in his jammies with a shovel. You know, the ushe.^^

So there you have it.


In a (very large) nutshell.
Kudos for making to the end of the post! Next up: some snippets from July!!

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