Labor day weekend, 2015. { + a video!}

We had so much fun during Labor Day weekend this year! I wish every weekend was a three day weekend. I mean, who needs work. Right? Ok wrong, I know. But a girl can dream!! Having Jordan home for three whole days in a row was just the best!! Is it bad that I fight my children for his attention? Yeah, I'm kind of a three-year-old. I guess I just love the guy.

Anyways. We had a blast! On Friday we snagged Jordan after work and explored downtown Louisville a bit. We looked at the river, walked through the World Market Festival that was going on, and had fun even though it was LITERALLY (Chris Traeger style) one zillion degrees outside. But seriously. SO SWEATY, PEOPLE.

So we decided to cool off in some glorious air conditioning at Boston's favorite place in the world: THE SLUGGER MUSEUM. That kid would live there if he could! He loooooooves it.
^^Boston legitimately thought I was going to drop him in the river. See his face? Sheer terror!^^
^^Newspaper horse!^^
^^"Hey mom, look! I'm that baseball guy!^^
^^Camden, the first 2 year old MLB player.^^
Saturday morning we headed to the splash pad, and then took a gorgeous walk around the park and had a picnic! The kids were weirdly not fans of the splash pad this time... so that lasted all of two seconds. Haha! But they had a blast riding scooters and playing in the grass. After the park, we went to our first Louisville Cardinals football party! I'll have to admit...it's going to take some getting used to cheering for red instead of blue (go UK Cats!!), but we'll come around. Maybe. Haha!
^^THIS BABY. Don't you want to eat his thighs for dinner?!^^
^^My boys. Aren't they dreamy?^^
^^Boston's face right here. These boys were the cutest football fans around! (thanks for the picture, Kim!!)^^

On Monday (Labor Day!) we carried on our tradition of apple picking! Last year was our first year doing it, and we loved it so much that we decided to go every year on Labor Day. This year we went to Boyd Orchards in Versailles, KY, and it was soooo fun. Camden has been talking about it non stop!! 

"Momma, I go pick app-o's! I go slide! I yike pick app-o's! It so pun." 

Haha! But with the apple picking, the big slides, AND a petting zoo...the boys were in serious heaven. It was a blast!
^^Blurry family photo opp!^^
^^"I yike da big one, Momma!"^^
^^They were so concentrated!^^
^^Meanwhile, THIS BABY AGAIN. I can't handle him, you guys. Bah!!^^
^^And okay just one more. How do you expect me to just post one? HOW??^^
^^Petting zoo! Can you tell we were hot and Camden was terrified of donkeys? Because that was the story here.^^
^^On the way back home... zonked. The sign of a great day!^^

What a fun weekend. Ah, how I love holidays.

Now, for a video! Jord is so talented at making these things. I love it!! Enjoy.

(P.S. Remember last Labor Day weekend, here? MY KIDS WERE SO TINY!!)

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