Boston's FOURTH birthday.

At the end of July, my little Boston cake turned four years old. Which, in my opinion, is way too old!! I mean, we all know it's only a matter of time before he stops me from calling him Boston cake...so I'd better soak it up now. Because used to be so tiny and chubby and squishable, and now he is just getting so huge. It's kind of killing me. But I also kind of love it? I don't even know. Motherhood has me all over the place these days!!

But anyways. Since we were in Utah this summer, we threw a little family party for him in my parent's backyard, and we had a lot of fun. It was so fun to celebrate our Boston man. The highlight of the night was a superhero parade, a vision that came to life by my sister Whitney. She knew how obsessed Boston was with superheroes, so she enlisted her friends + my brother Tanner to burst into Boston's party in costume, and give him rolls of nickels (he is also obsessed with nickels, aka money). HE WAS IN HEAVEN. Seriously, best present of the night, Whit!!
^^The birthday boy, his bag of nickels, and Uncle Tanner Superman.^^
^^The superheroes with Grandma & Grandpa Gillman!^^
^^Opening presents!^^
^^He wanted an Avenger cake, so an Avenger cake he got! (Even if it was his third superhero birthday cake in a row. YOLO!)^^
^^Love this boy.^^
^^Cam Bam, covered in ice cream. just trying to figure out the cool car Grandma got him. (consolation present?)^^
^^Cute little chubby Holland.^^
^^Grandpa Mac & Aunt Taly!^^
^^Grandma & Grandpa Gillman!^^
^^Aunt Jordan & Aunt Taly! Love these girls.^^
^^New Uncle Ben & Aunt Syd, with Michaelangelo.^^
^^Favorite birthday present. "Hey mom, do I look like a awesome ninja turtle?"^^
^^Love these goobers.^^
^^Aunt Whibs. Looking her finest. (Girl, don't hate me for posting this. You selfied, you took the risk.)^^
^^Hitting the pinata! Which is not pictured. So this looks a little crazy. I need to get it together, I know.^^
^^The Gillman fam!^^
^^The Mac fam! (Minus Trey & Kadan. We missed you guys!)^^
We had SUCH a fun time celebrating our Boston boy. He really is just so much fun. We are lucky to be his parents!

Keep being silly and sweet and crazy, Boston bug. We love you. Happy birthday!!

P.S. Here is a cute video of Boston opening one of his presents. He LOVES money, and he was so excited about this gift. I love him!

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