Destin, Florida: Part II {THANKSIVING DAY, 2015}

Thanksgiving this year was definitely non-traditional for us (...as you might have guessed by this blog post full of beach photos). Haha! We swapped out turkey and mashed potatoes for fish tacos and lemonade, and played in the sand instead of the snow. And I have to say, It was pretty awesome!

Even though we missed having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and being with extended family, we focused on soaking up time with our little family, and we had an awesome day. Because man, we are so lucky to have each other! And we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

Here's a recap of our Thanksgiving!

We woke up and had a lazy morning of parade-watching and doughnut-eating, and we hung out in our jammies together on a bunch of mattresses in the living room. The very best kind of morning, in my book. Then we headed down to the beach to play!
^Cam was enthralled by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!^
^Boston was my little seashell hunting buddy. He screamed with excitement every time he found one, and it was adorable!^
^Camden man.^
^I basically die every time I see this close-up of Holland. The nose! The cheeks! AHHH. I can't take the cuteness.^
^Yep, I'm definitely keeping him. I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH I COULD EAT HIM.^

We started building sand castles...which lead to building sand bridges...which lead to burying various family members as deep as we could in the sand. Haha! The kids were cracking up. They thought it was hysterical when Jord's head was the only thing showing above the sand.

I love these crazies.
^"Hey guys, make crazy faces!^
^Camden was seriously cracking us up with his silly faces! That child.^

After the beach, we ran back to the condo for some lunch... and then to the pool!! (Are you sensing a theme here yet? Haha!)

Vacation, man. It's the best. I basically want to marry it.
^little fishies!^
Then we hung out at the condo for a while, ate more food (because Thanksgiving! Of course), and got ready to head out for the night.

I think one of my favorite parts of vacation is just hanging out together in the hotel or condo, with nothing to do and nowhere to be. There's something so good about just BEING together. It's the best!

^Watching Spongebob. A vacation is not a vacation without some Spongebob, if you ask me!^
We went to an area of Destin with a pier and a bunch of really cute shops that are right along the water. We loved browsing through the stores, and the kids thought it was so cool to see the boats up close to the pier.

Boston kept asking, "Mom, is that one a pirate ship? What about that one?" and "I think they will prob-lee tell us where the treasure is and stuff." Haha. I love him and his imagination. 

Also, we were pretty much the only people there, which was awesome!! Perks of exploring a tourist spot on a holiday!
^This is the life!!^
^I'm pretty sure Camden thought he was going to fall in. I've never felt him squeeze my hand so hard!^
^I love this Cam Bam!^
^Poor baby, getting blinded by the bright sun! But cheesing it just as big as ever.^
^Boston the photographer, for the win!^
We found a place for our "Thanksgiving Dinner," where Jordan got a burger and I got yummy fish tacos. (We had a real Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and potatoes when we got back home the next week..because I mean, are you allowed to just skip the turkey?? It just wouldn't feel American.)

Then we went bowling at an awesome sea-themed bowling alley! The kids had a blast. Afterwards we wandered around the shops that were all decorated for Christmas, and basked in the 65 degree evening. There were Christmas lights on palm trees, and the kids were running around in shorts as Jingle Bells played in the background. I know. I LOVE FLORIDA.
^I want these right now again. Yummm.^
^Check out that alligator head!! Pretty intense! Also, I love that Camden is busting a move right here.^
^"I'm the king of the mountain!"^

We had such a great Thanksgiving.
I loved spending it with my sweet family in such a fun place!

(P.S. I'll post last few photos of Destin, asap!!)

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