Day trip to Indy! (+ Lucas Oil Stadium)

One of the fun things about living where we do is that we're pretty close to a lot of fun cities! Road trips are our favorite, so we are always trying to find new places and things to do. It's the best!

The week of our (6th!) anniversary, I wanted to do something special for Jord. I feel like I always get him a dumb gift, and I wanted to do something that he would REALLY love. He has been an Indianapolis Colts fan basically since birth, so I surprised him with a day trip to go visit the stadium! I didn't tell him where we were going until the morning of, and it drove him CRAAAAAZY! Haha. But it was so worth it once we got there. He was seriously like a little kid!

We really lucked out and went on a day that there were lots of free events going on at the stadium. We got to hang out on the turf, and the boys (Jordan included) were in heaven! It was so much fun.

^These are their "football poses" haha^
^I glanced over and caught him just staring at everything like this. He was in HEAVEN.^
^The boys standing by the Colts' logo!^
^There were some definite crazy-town fans...like this guy. Insane!^
^I told Cam to smile for a picture, and he dropped to the ground and did this pose. Because obviously.^

After we walked around on the turf, we explored the rest of the stadium and the gift shop! There was SO much going on, and the kids could not get enough of the Colts' hype. They were loving it!!

^Andrew Luck's jersey! Only $400! (but seriously)^
^We were cracking up trying on all of the gear. Haha!^
^Holland horsie.^
^Boston. Oh my heck.^
^Bobble-head Camden.^
After we were done at the stadium, we walked downtown to see more of Indianapolis! It was such a cute city. I don't really know what I was expecting Indy to look like, but it was definitely a lot prettier and more family-friendly than I thought it would be. We loved it!

^We got the funniest looks walking around with three babies crammed in a stroller. Haha!^

^I loved that downtown was right on the river. So dreamy!^
^NCAA Headquarters!^
^Little cheeser.^
^I love these boys.^
^It was a long day.^
^...a REALLY long day. Haha!^

We had such a fun day in Indianapolis! Even though traveling with little kids isn't always the easiest thing in the world (exhibit A: the above photo. Holland covered with donut crumbs and sucker juice. Haha!), it is ALWAYS worth it in my book.

I feel like the memories we make are always worth the stress it takes to get us somewhere.

Such a fun day doing something fun for Jordan. I LOVE THAT GUY.

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