Little Turkeys! (and other November stuff)

Where did November go?? But seriously. We are well into the Christmas season now, and I have no idea how that happened. The holiday months, man! They seriously just FLY by It's insane!!

We had such a great Thanksgiving, but before I get into that...here are photos from some things we did in November. (Before the visitors and Thanksgiving fun happened!)

First up, I took the boys to a fun, turkey-themed story and craft time at Barnes & Noble, and they loved it. They made the cutest little turkeys, and they were so proud. Holland kept pointing at the pictures screaming, "Bawk bawk! Bawk bawk!" like a chicken. Haha! At least he got the bird part right?

One night for Family Home Evening we made our "Thankful Tree." This was the first year that the boys have really understood it, and it was so fun to watch them come up with things they were grateful for. Some of the things they wrote just melted my heart. On one leaf, Cam made a big scribble and said, "Dis one says 'dankful for mom and dad!'" On another, Boston wrote "Play with Dad" all by himself. So, so sweet. I can't wait to carry this tradition through the years and see how our leaves change!
^Love this rosy-cheeked boy (who was apparently eating markers?)^
^Closer look. I love all of the scribbles.^

About a week before Thanksgiving, Camden's preschool held a "Thanksgiving Feast" for the kiddos and parents. When I walked in, Cam's face lit up with the biggest smile, and he started waving as fast as he could. I pretty much melted into a giant puddle. Moments like those make everything SO worth it!! (Even the nasty lunchroom 'turkey dinner' with warm chocolate milk. Delish! haha)

But please just tell me he is not the cutest little turkey head you have ever seen. I mean my gosh!!

It was so fun to spend some one on one time with him. We don't get it very often, so when we do, it is so precious.
^I love this Camden boy!^
^Remember elementary school food? Oh man. It was rough.^
^Such a classy shirt behind us. Haha!^
^He is such a sweet, feisty, hilarious three-year-old.^

Lastly, our ward held a pre-Thanksgiving feast at our church, and it was so fun! Nothing like stuffing your face a week before Thanksgiving to get you in the mood. Because hey. Two-thumbs up for food!

^Can you even handle this boy???^
^Crazy Camden man.^
^Can't get enough of those dimpled hands!!^
^Crazy Bost.^
^I want this right now. Such a good spread!^
^I mean, just look at that face. Holland does NOT mess around with food. Haha!^
After the dinner, a special visitor showed up. SANTA!! The kids literally ran from one end of the gym to the other when they saw him. They were SO excited.

We tried to get Holland in on the photo opp, but he was not having it. He was terrified of Santa! Haha. So we just settled for a picture of the two older boys instead.
^Ho Ho HO!^

So much fun!

Stay tuned for a bunch of Thanksgiving posts, coming up next.

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