(Actual) Halloween, 2016!

When it got to actual Halloween, my kids already had buckets of candy and a major sugar hangover from the weekend (Halloween was on a Monday this year). But that didn't stop their excitement one bit. They couldn't wait to go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood on Halloween night!

But first, Boston had pajama day on Halloween at school. He wore his Ninja Turtle Pajamas, and he was sooooo excited! Also, he was worried that he would be the only one in jammies. He asked, "But what if everyone else forgets it's pajama day? And I'm the only one? Then that will be crazy. And I will feel like the silliest kid ever!" haha. But he got over it, and had a great pajama day/ Halloween celebration at school.
^My gosh, I love this five year old.^
^He told me, "Mom, take a picture of this. It's my Halloween hand.^
That day my kids counted down the hours until it was time to trick-or-treat. I remember doing that as a kid every Halloween. The hours seemed to always drag and drag!

We had a fun Halloween pizza dinner with root beer, and I decorated the table with fake plastic rats. The boys thought it was hilarious! (I love finding out what makes them giggle the hardest.) Then they put on costumes, and we headed out into our neighborhood! Also, side note: Holland kept getting afraid when he saw his lion costume, so we opted to switch it out for a hand-me-down Buzz Lightyear costume instead. He looked super cute.

It was such a warm Halloween night, that all of our neighbors and friends were out in their driveways, barbecuing or eating pizza, and handing out candy. It could not have been a more perfect night! One to remember.
^Cutie Buzz^
^I had to really bribe him to stand by this mummy. He was pretty nervous. Haha^
^Love this Camden puppy!^
^Neighborhood friends! Look at all those BOYS! P.S., Holland was super thrilled.^
As the sun went down, I couldn't take pictures fast enough. It was SO GORGEOUS. 
Such a perfect, warm, happy Kentucky night. 
^Insanity. So beautiful!^

Speaking of Halloween, look what Jordan's mom sent to me. Tiny Jordan, as a penguin!! Is this not the cutest thing in the world?? My gosh. I can't get over it.
^Farthest right on the end. Tiny Jordan.^
We had a great Halloween. I can't believe we'll have another little one in our family in next year's Halloween photos. (And he'll be seven months old!!!) Life is crazy and awesome.

Happy Halloween!

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