O Christmas Tree.

It's our tradition to kick off the Christmas season by setting up the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Every year I cannot WAIT to get the tree up, and every year it is just as magical as the last when the lights are twinkling at night in our living room. (...though the living room has changed multiple times since we've moved so much...haha! But hey! We've had the same tree for most of our marriage. So that counts for something, right??)

We usually wear our new Christmas jammies that night and bust out the Santa Clause mugs for some hot cocoa, and it's one of the kids' favorite things ever. That night, we also start our 25 Days of Christ advent tradition, which we've grown to absolutely LOVE. It helps us focus on Christ throughout the season, and it has been so awesome for our family. I love kicking off the Christmas season this way! And as the kids get older, things just keep getting more and more magical.
^I love this photo that Boston snapped. He is getting pretty good!^
^My sweet boys^
^aaaaannnnd we're back. Haha!^
Time for the cute pajama pics! I always die over them in their matching Christmas jammies. You'd better believe I'll be buying them matching jammies til I'm a hundred years old. Because hello. It's just adorable.
^Heart explosion. I love them! (Boston-5, Camden-3, Holland-1.5)^
^He was enthralled with the tree. So adorable.^
^Oh, hey there Bost! haha^
^For some reason I looooove this blurry one. So precious.^
^Hashtag, brothers. Hashtag, real life.^

I love Christmas. Especially with kiddos. It is pure magic!

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