UTAH. Part VI. (The looooong ride home)

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We had so much fun visiting family in Utah for a week!

But then the dreaded day came. The one where we had to make the cross-country road trip back home. And oh man, it was rough. 26 hours in a car is no easy task, but it's especially crazy with three little boys. They really did so good, though. We bought a zillion cheap toys at the dollar store, packed some snacks, got a couple of new movies, loaded up the car with children and suitcases, and prayed. A LOT. haha. (But seriously)

We left early on a Monday morning, and drove and drove and drove. It was a long day.

We stopped only a couple of times--once to grab some lunch and then keep driving, and then later to stop and stretch our legs/ pick up some medicine at some obscure town in Nebraska. Oh yeah, which brings me to this crazy side note: Somehow while we were in Utah, Holland got shingles on his leg. Yeah, shingles. Like the kind that elderly people get. It was SO random, and we have no clue how he got it, but luckily I have a cousin who is an awesome dermatologist, and he was able to diagnose him and get us some medicine. What a crazy thing!!

But anyways. The kids loved running around for a bit before we had to hop in the car again. It was a gorgeous night!
^"Frow me, daddy! Frow me!"
We ate dinner outside at a park with an awesome old train car. The boys thought it was the coolest thing ever!
^Superhero Cam!^
^Cool and casual Bost^
There was also a cool veterans memorial, which the kids could have cared less about. Haha! Jord and I kept trying to show it to them and tell them about it, but they mostly just wanted to throw rocks and dig in the sand. #boys
^Holland, heading over to throw rocks at me. Haha!^
^Driving, driving, all the time.^
We crashed (very briefly) at a hotel that night in Lincoln, Nebraska. Then we pretty much just rolled the kids out of bed super early in the morning and stuck them in the car again.

We made a couple of pit stops (McDonald's, potty breaks at obscure gas stations...you get the idea), and tried not to go crazy. We did fairly well!
^Sweet, sleeping boy.^
And we FINALLY made it back to our Kentucky home! Man, it was a long drive. But it was SO worth it to be able to spend some fun Summer time in Utah.

Next time (and every time, from now on), we are definitely flying. Haha! But seriously.
Thanks for hanging in there with me through all of these posts!

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