UTAH! Part I.

Soooooo, hi there. I thought I was all caught up on my blog posts...and then I realized that I never posted about our trip to Utah at the end of the summer! Whoops. Bear with me as I put up the photos from our road trip! The goal is to be all caught-up by the new year. Think it can happen?? I guess we will see. Haha!


In September, we made a spur of the moment decision to drive across the country to Utah. My mom was graduating from nursing school, and we wanted to be there to support her!

(We also missed our families a lot...and I won't lie. We missed the FOOD.)

The drive was pretty much horrendous, and I never really want to do it again. We drove six hours the first night, and twenty hours straight the next day. TWENTY HOURS. The kids did amazingly well, and I tried to keep them occupied with new dollar store toys, snacks, books, and movies. They were so patient. (But we definitely had our fair share of meltdowns. Oh man.) But it was all so worth it when we got to see our families for a whole week!

When we finally arrived in Utah, we pretty much slept for hours and hours, and woke up starving. So we did the obvious thing, and went to Swig and Costa Vida! My favorites in the world. and let me tell you what, the cross-country drive was worth it for the Swig cookie alone. SO MAGICAL.
^Sweet pork enchiladas. I want this right now!!^
Also, it was the cutest thing ever to see Holland with my mom (Grandma Gillman). He pretty much ate her up from the second we got there. I mean, just look at these photos. So precious.
^Also, he weighs as much as she does. Just look as this! Hahaha.^
My mom was SO excited to be able to spend time with her grand babies, especially since 1) we live so far away, and 2) she'd been in full-time nursing school, and was finally done and free to play!! It was perfect timing for a visit.

She and I took the kids up to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, and oh man. The boys still talk about it all the time. They are super into dinosaurs right now, and they absolutely LOVED it! 

They loved the area where you could sit and dig for dinosaur bones. I'm pretty sure they thought they were real paleontologists (actually, I know they did. Because Boston told me like five times. Haha!) They still talk about digging up dinosaur bones, and ask when we can go back! They could have stayed there all day.
^Check out that HAIR. Oh man. So glad we gave him a hair cut shortly after this. Haha!^

^We were pretty much the only ones in the entire park. It was awesome.^
^Cutest ever.^
Then I asked Camden to do a scary dinosaur pose, and this next picture happened. I was cracking up!!
^Boston was in dinosaur HEAVEN. He could not get enough!!^
We found a dinosaur called the "CAM-asourous, and Camden thought it was the coolest thing ever.

"Mom!! Dis dinosaur is named Cam! Just yike me!!"

He immediately ran up to it and gave it a big hug. Cutest moment of my life!
^Boston laughed when he saw this picture and said, "Haha, mom! The T-rex is eating your head."^
We went inside for a bit to see the dinosaur bones. All I could think about was Night at the Museum, and how I'm so glad that I don't live when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Haha!
^We lost Holland for a minute, and looked over to find that he had parked  himself right here. Haha!^
Afterwards, we were STARVING, so we hit up one of my favorite places ever:

IN-N-OUT BURGER. Sooooooo good! Oh man, I miss this place so much. Come on, Kentucky, get on it! I need this in my life again.
^Sun-kissed surfer boy.^

After we went home and relaxed for a bit, my mom offered to watch the kiddos so that Jord and I could go on a date! We escaped to a movie (Ghost Busters! The girl version. So funny!) and sushi, and it was so awesome. Date nights are the BEST.
^I love this man.^

So much fun!

(Get ready for more Utah trip posts, coming up next.)

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