Jordan's 28th birthday!

Jordan's birthday is right before Christmas, so it's always my goal to make sure his celebration doesn't get lost in the Christmas hoopla! I want him to know how much we love him, so doing something fun for his birthday is always a must. 

This year, we decided to mix it up for his birthday and take a little one night "stay-cation" in Indianapolis, so that we could go to a Pacers game! It was sooooo fun. 

I think the kids' favorite part of the experience was the Uber ride to and from the hotel to the game. Haha! They thought it was awesome. Also, I forgot how fun NBA games are! I seriously haven't been to one since I was like 8 years old (go Utah Jazz!), so it was fun to go to one and experience all of the excitement with Jordan and the kiddos.
^Cutest little basketball fan ever.^

We splurged and got the boys foam fingers, and they were pretty much in heaven. They kept raising the fingers over and over again, chanting "GO PACERS! GO PACERS! GO PACERS!" at the top of their lungs. Haha! It was pretty dang cute.

Maybe it's my inner five year old, but I seriously love the stuff. 
And so does my Camden man. Just look at the joy on his face!! haha

At halftime we walked around and let the boys get some wiggles out! They did so good in their chairs watching the game, but they needed to get out and RUN for a bit. Haha! Also, just look how cute they are. I sure love these tiny brothers.
^The boys with Paul George^
 Jord bought a Hoosiers shirt with some birthday money, because when in Indy!! (Shhhh, don't tell him I still haven't seen that movie. Whoops!) But hey! He's handsome.
^Those tiny little teeth! I can't handle him.^
^Having the time of their lives.^
It was SUCH a fun night out with the family. The boys haven't stopped talking about it since!

We headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night, and we hit up the pool right after breakfast the next morning. The pool was pretty frigid, but that didn't stop us from swimming! And when I say us, I mean mostly Jord and Camden. Because the rest of us were too wimpy to swim very much. Haha!
^Camden the fish^
^This is Jordan trying to warm up in the cold water. I was dying of laughter!! haha^
^Holland was a little skeptical.^
^So was Boston.^
^I'm convinced this kid would swim in the Arctic Ocean with no hesitation. He LOVES the water!^
^This boy!^
^Snuggle bug!^
After we swam, we got cleaned up, checked out of the hotel, and headed out to see the new Indianapolis LDS temple. It was gorgeous!

We got out of the car to take some photos...only to realize it was like negative fifty degrees. Okay, maaaaybe that's an exaggeration, but still. IT WAS FREEZING! We snapped like two pictures and ran back to the van screaming about how cold we were. Haha!

But it really was such a gorgeous temple. We'll have to go back when it's a tad warmer.
^Looking at the mini nativity for Christmas^

 Here is a super great selfie we attempted in the wind and cold. Haha!! I look so distraught.

...annnnnnd this is when we ran back to the van as fast as we could. My poor kids inherited my wimp-in-the-cold genes! Haha. I took another super flattering photo to show how cold I was when I hopped back in the car. Here it is:

Haha!! Fun times. Afterwards, we headed back home to Elizabethtown to complete Jordan's birthday festivities.

We kept it pretty low-key that night, and grabbed some pizzas for dinner before we sang to Jord over his favorite dessert: homemade oreos! Sooooo yummy. Then we face-timed family while opening a few gifts, and it was pretty great. I sure love this handsome guy.
^These boys are pretty obsessed with their daddy.^
^Holland was there, too.^
^Trying on a new slider belt from Momma Mac! Also, look at Camden. So cute.^
^This boy is such a goof. I love it.^
Oh man, we love Jordan. He is such an amazing husband, and an incredible father to our boys. He is definitely the favorite in our family, and I feel so lucky to have him!

Now, here are a couple embarrassing photos of him. Just because I'm his wife, and I can do that.

 Haha!! I had to do it. I really did. (Those gems are from the end of 2009, when we were first dating!)

But here are some photos that sum Jordan up a lot better than those last ones did.

^Father's Day, 2016^
^Holland is SUCH a daddy's boy. He attacks him like this every time he comes home from work.^
^photo from Oct., 2016^
^photo from July, 2016^

Yeah, we kind of love that guy. 

He is the absolute best.
Happy birthday, Jord!! So glad we got to celebrate your big 28th this year.  

P.S., you were a really cute little kid:
^Jordan on his fourth birthday, in 1992. CUTEST EVER.^

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