Santa, through the years.

Oh,Santa Clause. Please tell me I'm not the only crazy mother out there that HAS to get a photo of their kids with Santa every year. Jordan thinks I'm a little insane, but I will seriously wait in lines and attempt the mall amidst total holiday chaos...just to get a snapshot of my little guys on the big man's lap. Sure, it's a little crazy, but it's tradition! It's just not Christmas without a Santa visit. My kids love it!

As I looked at our photo with Santa this year, I thought it would be fun to gather up all of our Santa photos from the years for a blog post! And oh my gosh, talk about precious. And awkward. And some definite creepy Santas. But overall, SO CUTE! I am dying at how fast things change, and how quickly babies grow.

Here are a few of our Santa photos, through the years!! (The photo quality in most of these is not great, but the memories are worth it!)

2011: Rexburg, Idaho. Jord and I were both students at BYU-Idaho, and our little Boston boy was just five months old. I cannot get over how tiny and cute he was. Also, how did we ever just have one kid?? It feels like ages ago!

2012: St. George, Utah. We had literally JUST returned from our internship in Belgium (like a day earlier)! This photo was taken in Southern Utah at a mall near my parent's house before we headed to spend a sunny Christmas in Mexico with my family! This is Boston's last solo pic with Santa, because I was about four months pregnant with Camden at the time. I love how uneasy Boston looks in this photo! haha.

2013: Lexington, Kentucky. Jordan was in his first year of grad school, and we were settling into our Lexington life! Boston was about two and a half in this photo, and our little Camden boy was almost seven months! SO PRECIOUS. (also, I remember this Santa really well...because he was a total creeper. Haha! He kept telling us to make sure and not let our boys fall down the stairs. Uhhh, okay??)

Here is another one from 2013 of just Boston at our ward Christmas breakfast! Look how cute he is in those little Christmas jammies. I love it!

2014: Lexington, Kentucky. Jordan was in his second year of grad school, and we were loving life in Lexington! This was the year that Boston got REALLY excited about Santa for the first time, and Camden was completely terrified. Haha! I love this photo. Boston was three and a half, and Cam was one and a half. His cute little sad face is my favorite.

Here's another photo from that year (again from the ward's Christmas party). This time, Camden managed a pained smile, so hey! I'd say it was an improvement! haha.

2015: Louisville, Kentucky. Jordan was in his first year of his current job in Louisville, and we were loving life in the big city! Boston was in preschool, and this photo was from his preschool's Christmas breakfast with Santa. Also, HOLLAND! Holland was eight months in this photo. Boston was four and a half, and Cam was two and a half! They are pretty stinking cute. And I think poor Santa is being squished under their weight.

Here's a photo of the whole fam at the ward Christmas dinner that year! I love Boston's cheeser face in this one. Haha! (P.S., check out that background. It looked so real!!)

2016: Clarksville, Indiana. Even though we now live in Elizabethtown, KY, we drove to Clarksville to hit up Bass Pro Shop for a Santa photo! (I told you I was committed to finding a photo opp!) Holland wouldn't get within ten feet of Santa without screaming bloody murder, so we all jumped in the picture to make it a more pleasant experience for everyone. Haha. In this photo, Boston is five and a half, Cam is three and a half, and Holland Beck is one and a half. (and I'm about 28 weeks pregnant with baby #4!) Such a fun Santa outing.

Wow, looking through these photos makes me realize just how much changes throughout the years!! 
It is CRAZY how fast time flies. 
I'm excited to keep adding Santa photos to our collection each year. It's such a fun tradition!

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