Happy Valentines Day!! { A photoshoot }

Happy Valentines Day, friends! I love this holiday. SO MUCH. The heart shaped everythings, the chocolates, the cookies, the date night with my man, the flowers, just everything. I love love!!

Also, my little boys. Holy cow...they have my heart.

I had to make a backdrop for a church Valentines dance, and we decided to have some fun with it with the kiddos before we turned it over. We got them in their Valentine's Day Best, and went to town. And my gosh, these photos pretty much turned out to be the cutest things of my life. (I'm not biased or anything!) But seriously. Still dying over them.

Happy Valentines day, from our crazy bunch to yours!

^photo bomb!^
^Best frenemies^

These next ones of the three of them together... SWOON!!
I seriously cannot handle these boys.
^And this sweet Holland boy. My gosh.^

We tried testing out the props we had for the dance photo booth, but the kids just ended up using them as swords and whacking each other. Haha. Hashtag, life with boys. Hashtag, everything's a weapon.

But hey! At least we snagged a couple cute photos out of it.
^Handsome Boston man.^

I had to kiss all of their faces with lipstick and make them take some pictures with me, because hey. I'm their mom and I can do that.
They had been super great and so patient for all of the photos, but they started to hit a wall at this point...as you will see.

(Pay special attention to Camden. I was DYING as I looked through these. Three-year-olds, man. Their lives are constantly filled with drama. Haha!)

^Annnnnd here we go.^
^CAMDEN. Best ever!! haha^
^Oh, how I love you, Cam Bam. Meltdowns and all. (and there's my 36 week baby bump!)^
By the end, Holland was the only one who was still cooperating.
So, more smooches for him!!
I can't believe he's almost two. He really is just the sweetest ever.
^Love this brown-eyed boy.^

And there you have it!
I am so lucky to have such handsome little guys in my life. They're pretty much the cutest Valentines in the world.

Happy Valentines Day!!


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  1. Awesome! Love your photo booth props! And your boys look so cute!