CHICAGO (Part II): Downtown!

One of our favorite things about Chicago was exploring downtown!

We realized after about five minutes that it definitely wasn't the most stroller friendly city in the world (haha), but luckily Jordan is super dad and maneuvered our giant double stroller beast through anything that we came across. Traveling with kids is always an adventure!! But SO worth it.
^^Navy Pier! (with a little Brighton bean out of the frame in a stroller)^^
After we drove in circles for an hour looking for our pre-paid parking spot (true story. Haha!!), we loaded up the stroller and headed down the Chicago River towards Navy Pier. The kids kept looking up and saying, "Look how tall the buildings are! They're as big as the sky!!" It was pretty cute.
^^Handsome boys!^^
^Like I said, MASTER maneuvering...with all four kids piled on the stroller. Haha! Poor Jord.^
^He's the only one that wasn't sick of pictures yet. Haha!^
We ended up down by the fountains at Navy Pier, which basically acts as a giant splash pad. It was awesome! We didn't bring any kind of towels or swim-wear, but the boys didn't care! They ripped their shirts off, and ran right through! Kids are the best.

I hung out with baby Brights in a gorgeous green shaded area, next to the splash pad! He is such a chub-a-lub...and I pretty much want to eat him.

After we played for a while, we realized we were STARVING and needed food right that minute, or we would probably die. We can be a pretty hangry family. Haha! But seriously.

We ate outside on the patio at Bubba Gumps on Navy Pier, and it was soooo yummy. It totally hit the spot!! Also, I highly recommend eating outside with kids. A) They don't seem as loud, and B) If/ when they throw food on the ground, the birds eat it. Win win!!

^^Little cheeser^^
^^He's such a good sport. Always holding the baby^^
After we had eaten lunch, we packed up the old stroller again, and headed towards one of the most iconic things in Chicago:


It was a zillion degrees and we were pretty much a big, sweaty mess of a family when we got there, but we made it! It was so cool to actually see it in person after wanting to visit Chicago for so long. Its moment like that--checking items off your travel bucket list with your kiddos-- that make everything worth it!!
^^ I SWEAR Brighton was with us. The stroller was always out of the frame! Haha!^^
^^Love this Camden ham!^^
 Annnnnnnd favorite picture of the whole trip:
^But seriously. How cute are they?^^
^^I spy a scootering Holland.^^
^^Brighton and The Bean^^
^^I feel like no matter where we go, Camden can ALWAYS find a tree to climb.^^
When we were officially worn out, we made the trek back to the obscure parking garage where our car was parked, and then we headed back to our hotel.

But we had to stop for ice cream. Because OF COURSE.
^^I think Holland was a little tired at this point. But not too tired for ice cream!^^
Then we ended the day with a swim in the awesome hotel pool, and a trip to Giordano's for THE BEST deep dish pizza of my life. Holy cow.

Talk about cheesy, melty, deep dish pizza goodness. Just insanity.

I want it again right now!
^^Little fish.^^
^^CANNON BALL!!!!!^^
^^Love this squishy boy.^^

These are like the worst photos in the world, because we pretty much ate all the pizza before I remembered to snap any. But hey! I've got to document it...because it really was life-changing.

I know I'm being dramatic here, but I just loved it so much!!!
^^Serious cheese concentration^^

Such a packed, fun-filled day!! 

More pictures coming soon!

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