CHICAGO (part I): Indy Training and hotel fun!


I just realized that the last time I did a blog post, it was Mother's Day. As you know, that was in May. Like four months ago. (Monkey covering eyes emoji!!!)

I guess life has just been pretty crazy since then!! Adding a baby to the mix and starting up my own business was most definitely a part of that, too! Haha. But anyways. I'm here now!!

A few weeks ago, I had a Senegence training in Indianapolis. It was AWESOME, and soooo motivating! I loved it, and I'm so glad I went.  When we were planning to go up to the training, we realized that Indy was halfway to Chicago, so we thought we'd make a fun weekend road trip out of it! We love taking our kids to explore new places, and since neither of us had ever been to Chicago either, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out.
^After the training in downtown Indy! I love my job so much!!^
Its always so fun to check into the hotel in a new place after a long drive. The kids always think it's the coolest thing ever, and they break the place in in no time! We lucked out with an awesome hotel (thanks Hotwire!) in a suburb outside of Chicago, and it ended up being so perfect for our trip.

The pool was warm, there were outdoor movies that played at night, and it was just perfect. 
^Finally out of the carseat at last! Freedom!^
^Brighton James, four months old^

^They are the craziest, and I love them.^

That night we hit up a local Taco place, and it was sooo yummy! Jordan decided that we should do the "spicy salsa" challenge...and try every hot salsa in the salsa bar. The kids were champs and tried a bunch, and we all basically died of laughter every time someone started to breathe fire from the heat. It's moments like that that make road trips so memorable and worth it!!

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for a low key night after a long day of driving. We went down to watch the outdoor movie with the kids, and then we went swimming!
^Love him^
^Perfect night for an outside movie!^
^Is that not the cutest little Camden dimple you've ever seen?^
^The water was perfect!^
That night, the kids fell into bed, completely exhausted. But you'd better believe they were ready to go (bright and early!) the next day! Since it was Sunday, we found the nearest church building and went to sacrament meeting. I love that no matter where we go in the country (or the world!), we always feel so at home the second we walk through those church doors.

(To learn more about our church, go here!)
^Obsessed with these kiddos. And this nursing-friendly dress! Whoop whoop! (From here)^
^"Momma! Hode my hand!"^
Such a great start to our long weekend in Chicago.

More pictures, coming soon!!

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