Florida pt. III: Last bits of sun & fun!

(To see post I of our Florida trip, go here. For post II, go here!)


With such a crazy night at the hospital, it was nice to have a slow, easy morning the next day. We ate some breakfast together in the condo, lounged around for a bit, and counted our lucky stars that Brighton was acting more like his normal, happy self again (Thank heavens for medicine!).

When we finally got down to the beach, it was a little bit overcast, which was actually amazing. It wasn't as crowded, and Brighton and I snuggled in our beach tent while the boys happily played in the sand. Then the sun came out later on, and it was another gorgeous day.

If you've never been to a Florida beach before, you must go. They really are the dreamiest...even in November!! The beach really is my happy place.

^Sweetest sunshine baby.^

^Cheeser Cam!^

^Hey Jord, I love you.^
^Check out those rolls! So edible.^

^Are you dying?? Because I'm dying. SO PRECIOUS.^

^Holland! Haha^
After the beach, we got cleaned up to go to the outlet shops close by in Destin! They had just put the giant Christmas tree and lights up, and it was such a fun way to start the Christmas season. There's nothing like twinkling Christmas lights overhead while you're wearing shorts and enjoying the warm evening. Such a perfect night.

But first, here are some Boston selfies that I found on my phone that he took at the condo. There were literally SEVENTY of these beauties. I was dying!!! 

^This kid is nuts^

^Christmas time!!^

^Those eyes! He loved looking at all of the colorful lights.^

^The kids loved playing on the park. Such a gorgeous night.^

We woke up early the next day to start our long road trip home to Kentucky.

Jordan and I BOTH somehow caught what Brighton had, and battled the stomach flu the entire way home. It was basically death. Haha but we made it!! Luckily our kids were champs, and did so well for us in the car (Bless you, car DVD player!).

The best part of the drive home was when Brighton had a major blowout in his outfit, and all of his extra clothes were somehow buried in the back underneath all the suitcases. There was no way we were about to dig through all of that, so Jordan pulled into an obscure gas station in the middle of nowhere to hopefully buy him some clothes.

When he walked out of the gas station, he was holding the most hideous, green cat shirt I have ever seen. It was like the worst quality ever, and like twenty dollars. But what could we do?? We laughed so hard, and Brighton wore that thing for the last few hours in the car until we were home. Best ever!

Our whirlwind Thanksgiving trip to Florida was one for the books. 

It was relaxing at times, and terrifying at others, but I am so glad we went. It was so good for our family, and the perfect way to reconnect after so much time spent in the hospital. 

I will always cherish the memories we made! 

(The video of our trip is coming up next. Stay tuned!)

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