The Kentucky Railway Museum!

Whenever the weather warms up, I start scheming. I want to get outside, take road trips, and find new little pockets and places that we've never been before. It's my favorite!

Last Friday while Jordan was at work and Boston was at school, I loaded up the three other boys and we headed out on an adventure! I wasn't quite sure where we'd end up, so I just started driving. Sometimes that works out, and sometimes it doesn't, but luckily this time it did. (I like to live life on the wild side. Haha!)

We ended up at the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, and it was so much fun! The boys and I explored old trains, played with model sets, and ran around in the grass. It was a gorgeous day, and it was so fun to be outside!

Also, we were literally the only people there, which was AWESOME. It's always nice when I don't have to worry about my kids being too loud or breaking things or bothering other people, and we can just roam free and have fun.

We missed Boston and daddy on our little adventure, but it was such a good day with my three littlest boys.

^That blossoming tree!! So gorgeous.^
^Love this Holland monkey!^
^Brighton loved the flashing train lights! I'm pretty sure he's trying to jump out of his stroller in this pic.^

^"Yook at da choo-choo trains, mama!"^
^Brighton in the headlights^

When the boys found out we got to go inside an actual old train, they were seriously jumping up and down with excitement. Their excitement kind of faded, though, when we made our way into the train and realized how creepy old trains are. 

At one point I looked over at Camden (who was standing completely still) and said, "Buddy! Isn't this awesome??" And he said, "Um, yeah. But can we go somewhere else now? 'Cause it's pretty spooky in here, and it smells like pee-pee."

Haha! I mean, he wasn't wrong. But I still thought it was cool! 
^Cutest train buddies.^

^Trying to show the kids that trains are fun. Photo cred: Camden Race^

I gave my phone to the boys a few times throughout the day, and it was so fun to see what they captured. They're becoming quite the little photographers, and I really love it.

The next photos are a few of my favorites, shot by either Holland (age 2) or Camden (age 4). I need to let them take pictures more often!! They seriously had a ball with it.

^"Help me jump, mama!"^

I always feel weird when I'm missing a kid, but sometimes it's good for the other kids to get more attention. I really saw Camden taking on the role of "big brother" and being a leader while Boston was gone. He helped Holland climb steps, showed him where to go, and then Holland stepped up too and was extra loving to Brighton. It warmed my mama heart.

I love seeing my kids in different lights every now and again. They are such special little boys. Sometimes I can't even believe I get to be their mom.

And then sometimes I'm like, we are a circus. You guys are nuts. We live in total chaos.

Haha! Motherhood is wild like that. But I love it.

^"Choo-choo! We're driving to Utah, mom!"^

We had so much fun!

I can't wait for more adventures this Spring and Summer. 
Warm weather, please stick around so we can play!! 

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