Las Vegas + St. George

Like I mentioned in my last post, we just got back from a whirlwind trip to Utah and California. It was so crazy and exhausting, but it was SO much fun!

I took a zillion pictures, so you'd better gear up for a bunch of blog posts. Haha! (But seriously) Consider this part I of many.

We flew from Louisville to Las Vegas, because it was a direct flight (and cheaper than flying into SLC), and it ended up being really fun! The kids did great on the flight despite weather delays, time changes, and overall travel weirdness. They were troopers! We got to show them Las Vegas during the daytime, and we made a stop in my old stomping grounds of St. George, UT as well. They loved it!!

(These first two photos might just be my favorite things ever.)
^Holland's fingers!! haha^^

^Acting like we weren't terrified to board the plane with our crazy children on a cross-country flight.^


The kids did awesome on the flight. Thank goodness for technology!!! 

Brighton definitely had the hardest time. He'd only napped for 20 minutes that day, so I told Jordan he would crash on the plane FOR SURE. (Hah--famous last words!) He literally didn't sleep a wink, and just tried to escape out of his seat/ my arms the entire time. 

But hey! What can you expect with a fourteen month old on a plane? He did pretty good for being confined to such a tiny space.

^He took this selfie when I gave him my phone our of desperation to keep him occupied. Haha!^

After we finally landed in Vegas, got all of our luggage, and got the rental car squared away, we made our way to the best place in the universe:


We miss it so much in Kentucky, and oh man, it was amazing.  The kids were so tired that they basically fell asleep in their food, but Jord and I loved it! Haha. After we ate, we headed to a hotel to crash for the night. And boy, did we crash. The older three boys crawled into one bed and fell asleep in about two minutes!

The hotel didn't have a pack n' play, so Brighton snuggled in between me and Jordan for the night.

After everyone was tucked in and asleep, I breathed a sigh of relief that we had made it...but I shouldn't have done that quite yet. Holland woke up in the middle of the night and threw up all over Camden. hahaha. So hilarious now, but man--it wasn't too funny in the moment. It was quite the night!
^Have you ever seen a sweeter scene? (until someone barfs on someone else)^

The next morning, we were up bright and early (our bodies were still on EST), so we cruised down the Strip before we headed up to Utah!

The kids thought all of the hotels were amazing. Definitely glad that we were driving through during the day...and not at night when things get a little crazier. Haha!

After driving for a couple of hours, we decided to make a stop in St. George to stretch our legs, get some lunch, and let the kiddos get their wiggles out. I lived there for a few years with my family when I was younger, and it was fun to see my old stomping grounds again. I love it there!

A friend told me about an amazing all-abilities park there called Thunder Junction, and holy cow--it was AWESOME!

I don't know who liked it more...the kids, or me and Jordan! Haha. If you are ever in St. George, you MUST go to this park. So incredible.

I'll just let the photos speak for themselves!
^I mean, just look at this. AMAZING.^

^He looks skeptical, but I promise he loved it! Haha^

^A baby + a T-Rex skull. The splash pad was amazing!^
^Sweetest boy!^

I was going through these photos, and noticed that Camden was in hardly any of them. That boy was so busy playing and exploring the tree house area, that I maybe saw him twice the whole time we were there! Haha. He was having the time of his life!!
Also, there was the prettiest area with flowers and musical instruments where the kids could play. 

Boston snapped some photos of just me and Jordan in front of the flowers, giving us directions like "Okay, kiss!" and saying things like "Oh, so cute. Mom, you look adorable." or "You guys are going to love these." Haha! 

Love him. 
^I married up.^
I think the highlight for all of us was riding the little train around the park! It was seriously the cutest. Everyone loved it...even Holland who plugged his ears the whole time. Haha!

They still talk about this little train ride and how much fun they had on it.
^Hey look! It's Cam!^
^Hahaha. Poor guy!^

After the train ride, we hopped in the car, grabbed some lunch, and started the last stretch of our drive to Grandma's house.

It was so fun to show the kids Vegas and St. George, and I'm so glad we got to make the road trip!!

(More photos of our trip are coming up next!)

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