Fun with the McMurtrey family!

We loved staying with Jordan's parents while we were in Utah!

The kids were in heaven with aunts and uncles to play with, and they loved running around in the grass chasing the Mac's dog, Colt (the poor thing is traumatized by our kids...I'm sure. Haha). Living far away means that we don't get to go to grandma's house very often, so when we do, it is such a treat.

^Hanging out on Grandma's porch^

^Water balloon fight!!^

^Holland, sneaking up on Grandpa^

^Playing board games with Uncle Kadan and soon-to-be Aunt Lindsay!^
My in-laws live like two seconds away from an awesome park, and my kids love it. They call it "The Fishy Park" (because of a giant fish climbing wall), and they could seriously play there for hours.

We went there with Aunt Taly one day, and we had a blast!
^Can you spy all three of the big boys?^

^They love their Aunt Taly!!^

^"I'm being a bad guy, mom."^
After they were done on the playground, they rolled down the hill behind the park about a thousand times. They giggled and chased each other, and I sat at the top with my M&M's and Diet Dr. Pepper and soaked up the sun.

It was pretty much perfect!

Since we finally had the whole McMurtrey clan in one place for a few days, we decided to get some family photos done. It's always a chaotic blur trying to take family photos with kids, but we got some cute ones!

(To see the photos, click here!)

Here are some outtakes we got on our iPhones. Because sometimes, those are just the best.
^Love this so much. Baby drool in all.^

And here are one million photos of me playing with my Brighton boy.

Because holy cow, am I obsessed with him, or what??
(The answer is yes. Yes I am.)

^I could just eat him up.^

Told you. OBSESSED.
But I mean, can you blame me?? 
^Yep, he's perfect. Also, he refuses to wear shoes. Even on the bark! Haha^

^Why are they suddenly teenagers? MAKE IT STOP.^

^Sweetest boy in the universe.^

^My Boston buddy.^
One night we did a combined birthday party for all of the May birthdays (there are like a hundred in the McMurtrey family), and it was so fun!

There's nothing better than grilling outside, being with family, and making s'mores on a Utah Summer night. It was so fun to get together and celebrate!
^Opening birthday presents!^

^This is his excited cheesy face for his new dinosaur puzzle. Haha! He is such a crack-up.^

^Camden got a marble set from Grandma and Grandpa. He was SO excited!^

^These two in a hammock! Swoon.^

^Holland and Lindsay! He loves her.^

^Boston  and Uncle Trey, shooting some hoops^
We loved spending time in Utah with the McMurtrey crew.
They are the best, and we made so many good memories with them this visit.

Come and see us in Kentucky again soon, guys!

(Next up on the blog...Kadan & Lindsay's wedding!!)

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