Life lately, or maybe not so lately, in picture form.

I think I'm a slacker at blogging. So here I am, posting a bunch of random pictures that don't really go together. Oh well :-)

Jord and I at temple square, shortly after we got engaged! (March)

My 21st birthday. (May)

Whitty Bit and my family's puppy Bo! Sometimes Jord gets jealous that I love puppy more than him. Only sometimes. :-)

Me and Jord in Old Town on our honeymoon. (June)

Honeymooning in San Diego. :-)

Me and this cute guy I met. (July)

Sydney was really excited for her birthday. Apparently, Jmac was too. :-)

Syd's 19th! Shes getting so big. :-)

Our farewell lunch with my best friend Jord before she left on her mission to Taiwan!!

Shay, Jord, Hannah, and me! Jord will be such an awesome missionary!!

A get together with the girls! Tara came back from Hong Kong for the summer, so Linds, Aly, Syd and I went to zupas and laughed our heads off! I love Tara. Im glad we got to see her!

We went to an Owls game, and they stayed to watch fireworks after on the 24th! We had a blast with the Mac fam. :-) I'm chubby'ish right here, but whatever. haha.

Me and Syd at the game. Shes a cheeser, always.

Watching the fireworks. Talyn kills me in this one. :-)

My old roommates Ash, Rach and I got together with our husbands to play games and have dessert! It was a blast!

This was our best attempt at a group photo. :-)

Well folks, there you have it. It was random, but hopefully semi-entertaining. Im going to bed.


  1. Hey Kelsey! I'm a blog stalker and saw your comment on my mom's blog :) Glad to see you happy and doing well! Congrats on getting married! Isn't it the best. :) I have a blog but it's private (I know totally lame!), if you want an invite send me your email!

  2. ok first of all I love how enthusiastic Jordan is about Syndey's Birthday! Second of all these are all fun and cute pictures and in none of them do you look chubby. and last of all, you're old enough and married enough that the placement of Jordan's thumb in the last picture is ok but very funny. what was he trying to do? Maybe it only looks a little scandalous but I think it's hilarious.

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous summer!!! Congrats to you both and I hope you have so much fun being married! Wo Ai Ni!