Big Jud's

In our attempt to explore the different food adventures Eastern Idaho has to offer,
we made the trek out to Archer, Idaho to eat at Big Jud's Diner. 
Big Jud's is an Eastern Idaho legend, known for their 1 lb Big Jud Burger.

The town of Archer is about 15 minutes east of nowhere- the kind of place
you don't take a first date to because they might think that you're taking them to a place
where their body will never be found.

But when you're Big Jud, you can make your 1 lb. hamburgers wherever the heck you want

Big Jud himself,  a man's man who makes a man's burger- or a five man's burger?

Big Jud's- Motto: Yes, we do have yak burgers.

The wait was long, and we may or may not have burned anything of Bost's that fell on the ground,
but it's all good when you have Bost and the most diverse 
crowd north of the Tetons to keep you entertained.

Plus, who wouldn't want to wait for food like this?

We got the Big Jud Deal, which basically consists of enough food
to feed a small village for just 20 bucks.
You get a basket of fries, two drinks (with refills), 1 lb burger, two waffle cones,
and the head of a lamb (Alright, so I was kidding about the fries part).

Bost didn't know whether to eat it or use it as a pillow.

Verdict:  Well worth the cholesterol spike

If you have five minutes to kill, here's a clip from Man vs. Food where he went to
Big Jud's in Boise and ate the 1 pounder by himself.



  1. you guys are so rockstar diaries-esque with your fancy food blogs.
    also. boston boy looks so so handsome with his little fohawk and cute shirt.
    he must have the best aunt ever.

  2. Really, that hamburger doesn't look safe at all. I'm dying. I can't believe you ate that.

  3. Hope you didn't find a hair in your burger! The baby looks cute though!