date night.

We love date nights.  
Our cute neighbor volunteered to watch Boston for the evening
so we could go to the temple.
It was so nice to be out just the two of us.

After the temple, we hit up Nielsen's Frozen Custard 
for some yummy dinner and ice cream.

If you have never been to Nielsen's, you are missing out.
The frozen custard
(chocolate and lemon are my favs)
is to DIE for.
Seriously people, it is GOOD!
The burgers were super yummy too.

We had such a fun night out.  
It is so nice spend time together 
and just talk- in normal (non-baby) voices.

Even though it is fun to be all crazy 
and out on the town,
It does make it pretty easy to come home from a date 
when you have this cute giggle to welcome you.

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  1. What a cute giggler! Also, Nielsen's is one of my favorites. I always get the turkey grinder! Mmmmmmmmm! And a raspberry custard. Ok load up the car, time for some Nielsen's!