A visit from the Gillman fam.

We were so excited to have my family come up 
and visit over Memorial weekend!
They live in St. George,
so it is quite the drive for them.
Syd and Whit weren't able to come,
but we had a blast with my parents and Tanner.
Boston was obsessed with Tanner!
Every time he came into the room, 
Bost stared him down and wanted to play with him.

As you can see, Boston got noooo attention at all.

Side note. In the awkward picture above with me and Jord, this is how it went.
Me: Jord, smile!
Jord: I am smiling.
Me: No you're not. Smile!
Tanner: He is smiling.
Me: Ok.
Picture: Scrunchy-faced Jord.


We made a quick run to Idaho Falls 
to do some shopping,
and of course,
grab some Chick-fil-A.
(We kind of love that place)
Don't mind Tanner the creepstache in the corner!

We also hit up the pool
at my parent's hotel.
The men loved showing off their beach bods.
Ow Ow!

My parents were in heaven.
Boston is their only grand baby,
and they just love (and spoil!) him to pieces.
They were so sad to leave,
and we were sad to see them go!

Thanks for coming to visit us, Gillman fam!
Come back soon!
(With Sydney and Whit, too!)
Love you guys.


  1. Love that last picture of your mom smooching the tar out of Bost. So cute! Family is the best!! And I guess you guys better get crackin' on baby #2 so Boston has to spread the love a little bit ;) hahaha! Just kidding!

  2. Jord, this is from your mother who made you. PLEASE PLEASE keep your shirt down! Love you!