In case you forgot, it's Monday.

Here is my feeling about Mondays: Blehrg.
You get me?

  Mondays are the worst, but the good news is,
it only goes uphill from there! Right?
Here's what I think about the days of the week
for your viewing pleasure, in cereal form, of course.
(I don't know-- just go with it.)

Monday:  This day is definitely Oatmeal Squares (heave).
 If you have never tried oatmeal squares, well, don't start now.
(think dog food...only cereal-er.)

Tuesday: More of a Corn Pops kind of day. It's like, I'll eat them if there's only a choice between
those, and oatmeal squares. But I probably won't enjoy it.

Wednesday: Frosted Flakes, perhaps?
(Like corn flakes, only frostier, because hey! It's Wednesday!)

Thursday: This is a Captain Crunchberry day. Things are looking up!

Friday: Rice Crispies, because you know, they're fun, and so is Friday.
Snap crackle 'n pop!

Saturday: Fruity pebbles for shizzle.

Sunday: (Chorus of small children singing) ...Cinnabon cereal.
You heard me, CINNABON CEREAL.
If you haven't had this, please get in your car and drive yo-self to get some.
Its like 600 calories for one cup...and so worth it.
It is, in my opinion, at the tippy top of the cereal pyramid.
As are Sundays in the week.

*awkward segue*

Sooooo (cough cough).
Without further cereal delays, here are photos from our Sunday.
Because, hey! It is the best day of the week, no battle.

"If you build it, they will come." Anybody anybody?


  1. Haha, so funny with the cereals. Miss your guts. And hello, Field of Dreams!! (weird movie)

  2. I love, Love, LOVE Boston's church clothes especially the flipflops, untuck shirt and tie! Miss you all!