Tautphaus Park Zoo, round II.

Hey friends, we went to the Zoo! 
It was a great day of summer. 
Outside, hot weather, two tiny boys and one hunky man...I was a happy camper!

Remember how last year, we went to the Tautphaus Park Zoo for the first time?
  Boston was just a wee little chunky thing who couldn't even walk yet. Weird.

 Then there was that time in Belgium, when we went to the Antwerp Zoo...
which was basically five times the size of Tautphaus Park.
It was the bomb.
We love you and everything, Idaho, but lets be honest...
your attractions are limited.
(Potato Museum, anyone?)
(nope...not even making that up)

Anywho... even though this Idaho Falls Zoo is kind of a baby, 
we had a blast! Boston was in dirty-animal, poop-smelling heaven.

They have a time slot where they let the little guys go into the goat pen to pet them.
I thought Boston would kind of be a chicken...
but wow.
He would have kissed the goats if he could have!
(I think he tried to, actually. Barf.)
The kid was running around, chasing them, trying to pick them up--
hence all of the off-centered and blurry photos. 

(Creepy goat, but cute child of  mine.)

We tried to get Boston pumped about the other animals, 
but nothing could compare to his goat-filled joy.
You think I am kidding.

Maybe it's just because he hasn't quite grasped animal names....
like in the slightest.
This next animal in Boston lingo?

A bear.

This one?
A cow.

Annnnnd another bear.
Ya, it's a struggle.

We taught him all he knows. 

The classic lion head...or should I say "bear" head... drinking fountain.
He was obsessed with the thing.

After we had walked the entire perimeter of the Zoo in 20 minutes,
(I kid, I kid...but seriously)
we took a feed-the-baby-and-the-chubby-kid break.

Because Camden was like,
"Fooooood. Nooooow."

This picture was taken 30 seconds before Boston dropped the entire bag of crackers 
out on the ground, only to shortly be eaten by a roaming peacock.
Dead serious!
The poor boy was traumatized. 

We stopped on the playground to let Boston get his wiggles out.
He was psyched when he saw this giant chicken, and yelled,
"Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Shicken!"
The good side? He got the animal right.
The bad side? It sounds like he is screaming profanities everytime he spots one.

We made one last stop to see Boston's beautiful, beloved goat friends before we called it a day.
What can I say?
The boy was smitten.

Welp, I would say our first official Summer outing was a success!
Now we just need to work on those animal names...
but seriously.


  1. I love reading your blog. It's hilarious! I could hear Boston's voice in my head saying all the animal names. Your kids are too dang cute!

  2. This is so funny! Love it, love it, love it! :)