A trip to the fire station!

I am a list person. If I make a list, I just feel like things run more smoothly in my life. There's just something about crossing something off that makes me feel... so powerful, I guess? I'm like "OH yeah. Just crossed you off like a boss, laundry pile! What whaaaaat!"

Is that weird? I don't know. It's probably weird. But true! I always feel like a million bucks when I look at a bunch of crossed out items on my list at the end of the day.

And so! In an attempt to be a fun mom this summer, I made a list of things I wanted to do. I want my kids to have fun during these hot months. And also, I want to have fun too. So, summer bucket list it was!

First up was the fire station. Because of course! There are about one zillion fire stations in Lexington, so I basically just picked the one that I thought looked the coolest (it's underground, so they call it "the cave". I know, so awesome.) and booked a tour. The firemen were so gracious and great with the kids. They all loved it!
^^They explained such cool stuff like how much water a fire truck holds. Which, because now you're wondering, is 1000 gallons! Is that awesome or what? (or am I just a nerd? don't answer that.)^^
^^This picture. KILLS me every time!^^
^^The line-up.^^
^^This is the face of worship and adoration that Boston used towards the firefighters the entire time. He was just a little obsessed with them.^^
^^Therrrrrres that violent cheeser face that we all know and love.^^
^^And Cam was like "Whaaaaat?"^^
^^"I dry-bin, mom! I dry-bin the big truck!!"^^
^^mesmerized by the flashing red sirens^^
The fire fighters helped one of the moms put on the gear, and the kids basically thought it was the coolest thing ever. Well, all the kids except Boston. He was TERRIFIED. As soon as she strapped on that mask, he was so outta' there... and he made a run for it.
^^"I don't yike that firefighter, mom! It too scary."
^^I love these boys.^^
And if this picture of Boston and his fire fighter buddies is not the cutest thing you've ever seen... well then shoot. I don't know if we can hang out anymore.


So freaking cute.

We had a such a fun time at the fire station. Boston still asks when we're going back.

"Hey mom? When we can see my firefighter friends? Maybe tomollow?"

I love that kid.

{Hopefully I'll cross more fun stuff off of our summer bucket list soon! Because YIKES. It's already August. SLOW DOWN, TIME. I've got stuff to do!!}

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