Boston turned THREE!

Yes he did. A whole three years old.

And so we partied about it, of course!

When I asked Boston what he wanted the theme to be for his birthday party, he was torn between baseball and Captain America. Like, it was a really intense decision for him, you guys. Every day his little mind would change. First he would say, "Mom! I can't wait for my basebaw party!!" ... and the next day he'd wake up asking, "Mom? Can I have a Captain 'Merica pinata? And Captain plates? And a Captain shield?" ...and then the next day, "I can't wait to have a basebaw guy and a basebaw cake at my party!!"

So yeah. I was basically a stress basket trying to accommodate the child. And then I was like "Wait. You're three. I'm the mom." so I made a decision like a rational adult and moved on with life.

And so! A Captain America party it was! And we had a blast.

Here are one million photos of his party. (Because is there a point to a blog without photos? I think not.)
Also, you should know that I basically threw my phone at my friend Sara, and she took one million pictures for me because she's amazing. You know, since I was occupied with wrangling children and heading up intense kiddie games, and such. (THANK YOU SARA!)

^^And this is why we did a Captain America party. Because hello.^^

Our first game was a superhero bean bag/ ball toss! The kids got super into it. They loved yelling superhero sound effects when they threw the ball through the hole. BOOM! ZAP! POW! It was stinking cute.
^^Boston managed to sneak away from the game to play a little soccer. But I mean, are you even surprised about it?^^
^^This Camden boy is also cute.^^
The next game was Boston's all time FAVORITE. He still talks about it today... and it was basically the easiest thing of all time to throw together. We blew up a bunch of little water balloons beforehand, and told the kids that their mission was to destroy the "bombs" immediately to save the city! Then we threw the balloons into the air all at once and let the kids pop them in a chaotic frenzied mass. We called it the "superhero bomb squad!"... and it was a HIT!

After the balloon-popping had settled down (and scared a few of the smaller kids...sorry little guys!), we headed over for a round of "Pin the star on Captain's Shield"! I was awesome and forgot to bring any kind of a blindfold... but most of the kids closed their eyes super tight and went for it like pros.

And some just kept their eyes open... and that worked too. Ha!
^^Poor Camden was completely abandoned by his parents during 99% of the party and just wandered aimlessly. Sorry dude.^^ 
And finally... THE PINATA. Boston had a hay-day with this thing. I thought a Captain America bust would be a cute pinata...but it ended up being, uh, a little violent. I knew it was getting bad when the kids started chanting "Break the neck!! Break the neck!!" ... and then things got even more awesome/ worrisome when Boston broke it and yelled, "I GOT HIS HEAD OFF! WOO HOOOOO!!"

But hey. All in good fun?

And then we sang and ate a giant cake. I had visions of the perfect superhero Pinterest cake I would spend hours slaving over... and then nope. Didn't happen. Because well, life is life.

Costco cakes for the win!

After cake time, Boston got to open one million presents from all of his friends. He got SOOOO SPOILED! But seriously. He is now fully stocked with Avengers gear for the rest of the year (or his life). Thank you, friends!!!
^^I mean, that face! Nothing beats it.^^

And then, all at once, the party was over. And we looked like this:

And Boston looked like this:

And it was awesome.

We had such a fun time celebrating our Boston boy on his big day. We kind of love that boy. So much that I will write him a small letter-- right here, right now. (Because hey! It's my blog, and I can do that. YOLO.)

Dear Boston,

Happy happy birthday, you big three year old! I hope you had such a great birthday. We are so happy that you are in our family, Boston boy. You are the sweetest, most gentle kid I know, and you can also be the craziest, most energetic superhero around. It is pretty cute. I love your tight hugs, and I love that you're always busting out crazy dance moves with your daddy. I love your chubby-cheeked smile, and your willingness to always help me with Camden. You are such a good boy, and a great big brother! Boston, we are so very glad you're in our family. We love you, little man!! Happy birthday Bost.


Mom & Dad & Cam-bam

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  1. Such a darling family! Happy birthday captain Bosterica!! Yay for 7-27-11 :)