September, 2014: A month in review!

Ah, September. I love love LOVE September in Kentucky. The weather is perfect, the grass is still green and gorgeous, and it is basically just the best.

Even though this last September was pretty, well, barfy for me, we still managed to get out and do some fun things. Also, I am dying looking at all of these pictures of my babies. I know they were only taken a few months ago, but just look how chubby and tiny they were!! It is killing me how fast they grow up.

And so. September! In a nutshell. Here we go!

^^We spent lots of time feeding the ducks at the pond by our house!^^
^^my dreamy baby.^^
^^and Camden learned to ride a scooter. Well, sort of. But isn't he cute?^^
^^Sunday best.^^
^^We snacked on the BILLION apples we picked on Labor day (more about that, here!). So yummy!^^
^^Boston wore his cleats everywhere. Every day. And it was awesome.^^
^^Oooh! I just want to kiss his face.^^
^^and his face, too!!^^
^^One of our many "baseball games in the parking lot with the missionaries" after having them over for dinner. We loved this set of Elders! (actually, we love them all!)^^
^^We jammed out to some awesome tunes at the library when it was too hot to go outside. And I mean, look at those cheeks. EDIBLE.^^
^^two coloring babies.^^
^^We went to a BBQ for Jordan's program at Spindletop Horse Farm, and it was gorgeous. The kids had a blast on the play set, and it was so nice to be outside and enjoy a fun evening!^^
^^This picture!! I die of laughter every time I look at it.^^
^^Just chillin' on the porch with a popsicle. In his Christmas jammies. In September. Totally normal.^^
^^Baby boy #3's first picture!^^
^^I wasn't kidding about shoving sticks of gum up my nose to curb the pregnancy nausea. I know, so hot. Just keepin' it real, folks!^^
^^Soccer finally started in September, and Boston was soooo excited! He had a blast, and he loved having Jord as his "coacher"! Haha. Get ready for one thousand soccer photos...because how in the world am I supposed to eliminate any of these?? So freaking cute.^^
^^That little belly. I die.^^
^^Camden got a lot of headstand practicing in, because you know, it's a crucial thing to perfect!^^
^^Jord and I went on a date to see Mindy Gledhill, and it was awesome!! Such great music, and such a fun date night.^^
^^We went to a birthday party, where Cam learned how to properly shove a cupcake in his mouth.^^
^^"Yook at my tiger face, mom! Grrrrr!^^
^^I mean, KENTUCKY. Guys. The Fall here is divine!^^
^^We busted out a new bubble machine and played with it LOTS and LOTS. The boys were in heaven!^^
^^I posted this photo on instagram, but basically Boston completed a chore chart so that he could earn his first Rescue Bot. It was probably one of the proudest moments of his life up to that point, and it was stinking adorable!^^

And, that was September! (well, according to my phone, at least. Ha!)
What a good month. 

Now, onto October!


  1. Loved every.single.part. of this post. The photos were all perfection and Kels, your boys are darling! Plus I love all your summery dresses. Kentucky September looks amazing!