October 2014, part I (of two): The G-fam comes to visit!

So, I know I promised to shove each month from last year into a single post... but October just wasn't happening. I tried to do it... I really did... but my family came to visit, and I took at least one trillion photos when they were here. And I figured that warranted its own post! So don't hate, but I just HAD to break up October into two posts so that my brain wouldn't explode.

Mmmkay pumpkin?

Here are the photos from my family's visit!

But first, a disclaimer. At this point, I was about ten weeks pregnant... aka morning sickness prime time. So if I appear to be rather sickly in these posts, don't judge to harshly! Haha. My poor family. They were total troopers and put up with my gross house and my zero-cooking ability like champs! (Thanks guys!! And you should come back now. Because I'm feeling much better and DEFINITELY don't have any problem eating now. Thumbs up emoji!)
^^My fam flew in, and then drove to meet us at one of our favorite Lexington restaurants: Coba Cocina. Seriously, I love that place so much. And the gelato! I think I need some more right now.^^
^^I love these two crazies! We were sad that Syd couldn't come on the trip (Come visit, Syd!!), but we still had fun.^^
^^While my fam was here, we did a lot of duck-feeding, and played A LOT of baseball! Because of course.^^
^^Cam got LOTS of grandma snuggles, and he loved it.^^
^^I love these sweet boys.^^
^^Aunt Whitty-bit!^^

We took my family to a gorgeous stud farm for a tour, and it was awesome! We all definitely learned a ton, and my boys loved seeing the animals. And guys, I seriously think those horses live better than most humans. Like, pristine stables, freshly fluffed hay every day, personal trainers, you name it. I mean, the MONEY that goes into it all. Woof! It's pretty awesome/ ridiculous/ insane when you think about it. 

It was so cool to take a tour! If you are ever in Lexington, it should definitely be up there on your list. Now here are one zillion photos of the experience.
^^This is one of the stables. Yeah, like where the horses sleep. See what I mean??^^
^^My siblings, posing by the portrait of the stud farm's owner. He is like, the prince of the UAE or something? A definite ka-zillionaire. Pretty intense.^^
^^Boston LOVES this Uncle Tanner man.^^
^^This is a blurry photo of one of the horses' stable doors. And Boston. And a transformer.^^
^^Squinty in the sun! (Do you spy my tiny ten-week bump?)^^

Later that afternoon, we continued our horse-themed adventures and headed to Keeneland. The races at Keeneland are one of my very favorite favorite FAVORITE things about living in Lexington in the Spring and Fall! It is always such an experience. 

Like I said... if you are ever here, you must go!!
^^Checking out the horses with dad.^^
^^I love this little bean.^^
^^I felt like I should include this photo, because you know, it captured everyone in a super glamorous moment. Like Whit and her insane cheeser face, Jord and his "I don't know what's happening" face, Cam and his confused (but adorable) baby face, and me with my "wait a minute I'm mid-hair-flip" face. Thumbs up emoji!^^
^^I am dying. I love these two humans.^^
^^I cannot get over Boston's pose here. Hand on the hip for the win!^^
The next day, we woke up bright and early to head to Boston's soccer game! It was FREEZING, but Boston was a trooper and played his little heart out with a huge smile on his face. It probably helped that he had a big fan section! He was in absolute heaven showing off his soccer moves for my family.
^^Cam adores these people. Can you tell?^^
^^Who is that handsome coach? Rawr.^^
^^Such a beaming soccer boy. He loved having these guys as his game.^^
Later, we decided to brave the cold and go to Evan's Orchard for some fun, and guys! I'm so glad we did. Once we got moving, it wasn't bad at all... and the kids basically had the time of their lives!

I love Evan's Orchard so much. I could basically marry it. I mean, it's just the cutest. (See photos from last year at Evan's, here! Can you get over how fat and tiny and squishy and adorable my children were?? It's killing me.)

And people, just wait til you see the slide photos. You will DIE. So freaking cute.
^^Love this teeny mom of mine!^^
^^The best.^^
^^I KNOW. I told you!!^^
^^Just a fair warning: whenever Cam wears this adorable hat, I feel the need to take one zillion photos of him. Because how could you not?? So, just gear up, is all I'm saying.^^
^^So blurry, but adorable. I don't know who loved the giant bouncy pillow more, the grown-ups, or the kids!^^
^^I'm telling you. That hat!! I can't not take pictures of Cam in it.^^
^^Oh hey, look! My other child. Sorry about the blatant favoritism, Bost. You're cute too!^^
^^The petting zoo! This is always my kids' favorite part. And they're always borderline terrified/ excited to see the animals. It's the best.^^
^^The boys love their grandma. So sweet.^^
^^Pumpkin picking time!! Boston was just a tad specific about his pumpkin shape/ size/ color, and only took about an hour deciding on one. Oh, how I love him.^^
^^family/ pumpkin photo!^^

We LOVED having my family (minus Syd) here for a visit. 
Come back and see us soon!! 

(Part II of October...coming up next!)

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