Summer Trip 2016: The Beginning! (Corbin, KY, Asheville, NC & Tybee Island, GA)

You guys!! 

We went on the best road trip a few weeks ago. I'm just now getting around to posting the photos, because I took A ZILLION... and it took me forever to upload and edit them! Haha. (#iphoneprobz) But as I've been going through them, I keep dying over how dreamy this vacation was. It was just the best, and now I'm ready to go back. 

So okay. I tried to break up the posts so that things/places kind of go together, but there are seriously so many photos and moments I don't want to forget. I just couldn't take out TOO many photos, you know? I guess what I'm getting at is you should probably buckle up, folks. This is going to be a long mini-series full of thousands of photos. Mmmkay pumpkin?

You guys are the best for bearing with me. 

Here we go!!



Our first stop on our road trip was in Corbin, Kentucky! After waking up early and driving for a few hours, we saw the sign for "the birthplace of KFC" and decided it was the perfect time for a pit stop!

I opened up Holland's door to find him COMPLETELY covered in donut crumbs, crackers, and sticky sucker juice. It was pretty epic. Haha!

It was fun to see where good old KFC started! They had all sorts of Colonel Sanders statues & plaques, and the sign for the original "Sanders Cafe" was still above the restaurant. Pretty cool! It was actually in a pretty ghetto area...but hey! It's KFC! It's American History.

^so happy to be out of the car seat for a minute.^

After driving a few more hours, we stopped in the cute little city of Asheville, North Carolina.  We grabbed some food, and then we drove over to the Biltmore Estate, which is the largest home in the country. We were planning on taking a tour and wandering the grounds...until we found out it was 60 dollars PER PERSON. Even the kids. What the whaaaaaat? So yeah, we didn't end up doing that.

Plan B was the Asheville Pinball Museum, where you could actually play all of the machines! There were around 50 old pinball machines, and the kids LOVED it. We were kind of stressed the entire time that they were going to break the machines since they were basically vintage and worth tons of money...but we made it out of there without any damage. Haha. The kids had a blast!

We walked around town a little bit after the museum to get the kids' wiggles out, and then we headed back on the road! After driving for a few more hours, we finally made it to our hotel and crashed for the night.
^Downtown Asheville^
^Going crazy in the car.^
^He was obsessed with himself in the hotel mirror. Haha!^
^Writing love notes on the hotel stationary^
^Checking out the pool the next morning in our jammies.^
^"Give me a boost, Holland!"
^This little body!!^


We woke up, put on our swimming suits before we checked out of our hotel, and headed straight for the beach at Tybee Island! Man, I LOVE THAT PLACE. We had been a couple of years earlier, so it was so fun to go back. And after being in the car the whole day before, it was such a glorious thing to sit on the beach and soak up the sun while the kids played!!

So dreamy.
^Driving to Tybee Island.^
^Mermaids! And Boston! And Arbys!^
^THIS. This is what makes it all worth it!!^
^Holland ate sooooo much sand on this trip. Haha!^

^That little face. He was having the time of his life!^
^Boston was very serious about his beach exploration.^
^sand babies.^
^Told you. Mouth full of sand! Haha.^
^Our happy place!^
^Love this sweet Camden boy.^
^This is like my favorite photo. CAM'S FACE. Cutest pouty look ever.^
^Traditional stop for fresh banana milkshakes after the beach! Nothing better.^
^This is SO Boston. Haha!^

After the beach, we got cleaned up and headed to pick up Grandma and Grandpa McMurtrey from the airport! Jord's dad had a conference in Savannah for a few days, so they flew in from Utah, we drove from Kentucky, and we were able to hang out with them in Georgia! We loved it.  The kids were in heaven with Grandma & Grandpa Mac around.

That night we went to the YUMMIEST place with the worst name: Fatz Cafe. Let's just talk about this for a minute. I feel like, I mean, do people like to think they're getting fat from eating here? But then again, we ate there. And we LOVED it. So I guess it works? (#wheninthesouth) But seriously, I still dream about the poppy seed scone rolls with honey butter...and don't even get me started on the fried chicken. My gosh, just amazing.

^The babies love their Gma & Gpa Mac!^
^Best popcorn shrimp of my life. Also, hush puppies & caramelized brussel sprouts. AMAZING.^
^Playing with rocks outside. They are definitely boys.^

^Angel baby.^
^I can't get over this cuteness.^
^Holland loves Papa Mac!^

Whewf! You made it through the first barrage of photos!
Don't worry, there are about a zillion more heading your way soon.

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