Summer Trip 2016 (part II): Savannah, GA!

We booked the most DARLING historic home to stay in while we were in Savannah, and it worked so perfect. It was a great location in the middle of Savannah, and we loved that it was within walking distance to the gorgeous Forsyth Park. It was awesome! 

The kids loved exploring the house when we first got there. Boston told me, "Mom, I love our new house!! I'm so happy we moved here." He was a little bummed when I told him we'd only be there for a few days...not forever. Haha!

^Breakfast with a view!^
^Cutest rooms ever.^
^This guy is obviously no stranger to the camera. Haha!^
^Such a darling kitchen!^
^Little Elmo boy!^
^I was like, smile! And Cam was all, no.^
^This boy and his bottle. There's nothing cuter.^
^Playing baseball in the parking lot. Because of course!^

After we settled into the condo and got ready for the day, we headed down to River Street!

Let's just pause for one second and talk about last time we were at River Street. We were there two years ago, and it was the middle of August. So basically we died of heat stroke. Haha! But seriously, it was SO HOT. It was a much more enjoyable experience this time around, since it was May...and not the dead middle of summertime. (See some photos of that trip, here!)

But anyways. River Street! Oh how I love that place. We had to make a stop at River Street Sweets, because I have been dreaming about their giant pralines since we were there two years ago. They are AMAZING. If you're ever in Savannah, you must go there. (And I wouldn't be mad if you Fed-Exed me a praline.)

^River Street.^
^Boston saw this wooden guy and said, "I'm gonna go give that pirate some hugs!" haha^
^The baseball and mitt go everywhere that he does.^
^I LOVE THIS PLACE. Maybe even more than my kids love it.^
^Best pralines of my life. Seriously. SO GOOD!^
^I think this was the moment when Boston was done walking. Haha!^
^How handsome are these guys? Especially the one in the middle. Rawr.^
^Boston was determined to move this giant anchor made of steel.^
^Precious sleeping boy.^
^I mean, just look at those rosy cheeks. Yum.^

 We stopped at the Five and Dime before we headed back to the condo, and the kids had a blast trying on a zillion different costumes.

Traveling/ Life with kids really is just so fun. I mean there are a lot of moments where we're like "WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?", but the good moments make it all worth it. I am so lucky to have my little boys. They are crazy and funny and I love it!


 After River Street, we headed back to the condo to barbecue for dinner. There's just something about grilling hamburgers outside on warm nights that screams SUMMER, and I love it!

Also, the boys took it upon themselves to be the "guards of the grill"...and they marched back and forth for like 45 minutes while Jord worked on the food. They had squirt guns over their shoulders, they were chanting as they marched...I mean, it was serious business. Haha!

We cleaned up dinner and took an evening walk to Forsyth Park, and I could not get over some of the homes we passed on our way. Seriously, they were just GORGEOUS. I should have taken pictures of every single one, but somehow I got more photos of the trees? I don't know. I'm fired. But hey! It was such a beautiful night for the park.

^Guards of the grill! Haha.^
^That tree though! Swoon.^
^My heck, I love him.^
^Told you. Always with the ball and glove!^
^Boston made friends with this dog at the park and played catch with him for a while. It was pretty adorable.^
^Begging crackers off Grandpa Mac.^
^I cannot get over how much those leaves look like elf ears on Boston right here. Haha! So good.^

It was such a fun day in Savannah!!
Man, I just love that city so much. 

 Okay, now I'll just leave this one here until I get more photos up:


The end. 
(for now)

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