Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Monument: Hodgenville, KY

If you follow me on social media, you probably heard that this Summer we moved from Louisville to Elizabethtown, KY! It was a whirlwind move, but we feel so lucky to have ended up in charming little Elizabethtown. We've been able to spend a lot more time as a family, our life seems slower and less chaotic, and it's really just been an all-around huge blessing for us. 

One of the perks of living in E-town is that we are only about 20 minutes from Abraham Lincoln's birthplace in Hodgenville, KY. One of our first outings after moving here was to check it out! 

I have so much love and respect for President Lincoln, and seeing his birthplace monument and his humble childhood cabin was just incredible. There was definitely a special spirit about the place. It was awesome, and we loved sharing it with the boys!
^This Camden man is always running. Everywhere!^
^Brotherly love.^
^Climbing to the top!^
^Made it to the top! The boys loved looking at pictures of how the cabin used to look.^
^little chubberson!!^
^"Mom, Abraham Lincoln is pretty awesome. Can we meet him?" --Boston^
^Abraham Lincoln's cabin! (this one was actually a neighboring cabin, because his was not salvagable.)^
^I wish this portrayed the actual size. It was TINY. So amazing that an entire family lived here!^
 After we saw the cabin inside the main monument, we made our way down the steps to "Sinking Spring," where Abraham Lincoln's family used to get their drinking water. It was really cool being where he and his family had lived and done everyday tasks like collecting water!

Also, the temperature dropped a good fifteen degrees when we got down to the sinkhole, and it was MUCH needed relief in the August heat! We pretty much wanted to just hang out there in the cool the entire day. Haha!
^Sinking Spring^
^love these boys.^
^Love this little squish.^
After we walked around and explored the monument, we drove about ten minutes to see one of Lincoln's other boyhood cabins. I really just couldn't get over how humble and SMALL it was. It had a simple stove, a bed, and a dirt floor inside, with just one window. Can you imagine raising your children in such humble circumstances? 

We are SO lucky to have what we have. We're so blessed!

^Lincoln's early boyhood cabin^
^peek-a-boo! I spy a Boston.^
^inside the cabin^

Next to the cabin there is a gorgeous lodge that used to be a hotel, and is now serves as a national parks office and a restaurant. It was gorgeous, and the kids loved exploring around it.
^Photo cred: Camden boy (age three)^
Then we drove down to the center of Hodgenville, which is pretty much completely dedicated to Abraham Lincoln everything. There were Lincoln statues, Lincoln gift shops, Lincoln-themed restaurants, you name it. We got some photos with the Lincoln statues, and then walked over to the cutest little ice cream shop.

You know me-- I can never pass up ice cream!
^Boston was the only one who would cooperate for a picture at this point. It had been a long day! haha^
^Love this sculpture as Lincoln as a boy. The book, the bare feet...just awesome.^

^Running to ice cream! I've trained them well.^
^Cam picked "bwoo totten tandy", of course.^
^My gigantic cone of fresh banana ice cream. AMAZING. Tasted like a banana creamy! (which they don't have out here. Sad crying face emoji!!)^

 We made one last stop at a souvenir shop before we headed home, and the boys tried on these awesome hats. Haha! Totally should have bought them.

 We had such a fun day exploring our little corner of Kentucky a bit more, and learning more about Abe Lincoln in the process. Such a fun day!

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