Bowling Green, KY: Corvette Museum...and Blue Bell Ice cream!

A few weeks ago we took a little road trip down to Bowling Green, KY for the day. We had been wanting to go to the Corvette Museum, and so off we went! (I also had other motives for this road trip...which you'll find out about at the end of this post. Just promise you won't judge me when you see what I'm talking about!)

The kids LOOOOOVED the Corvette Museum, and took turns fighting over who got dibs on which car. #lifewithboys
^My chubby Michelin baby with the Michelin Man.^
^I called dibs on this one. I don't even care about cars, but how cute is that blue??^
^The boys looooved the cool race cars.^
^Cute boys.^
My favorite part of the museum was where you could see all of the cars that fell into the giant sinkhole a couple of years ago. (Read more about that crazy story, here!) It was pretty wild to see the mangled cars. They also had a sinkhole simulator to give you the full effect of what happened, and the boys thought it was the coolest thing ever. (Well, except for Holland. He was terrified and he screamed. Haha)

^The boys, looking down the depth of the sinkhole. It was crazy!^
^Holland was more interested in the lights. Haha!^
The sinkhole was seriously so cool to learn about. Then it was off to see more fancy cars!

^MOM. Stop taking pictures of me.^
When we got back out to the lobby, we saw a guy buy a brand spanking new Corvette, and literally drive it off the property with a few miles on it. SO CRAZY. I got hives just thinking about how much that must have cost. (I mean, all of the student loans we could pay off!) 

But everyone in the whole place was clapping for him, and Boston and Cam thought it was awesome.

After the museum, we were starving. So we did as we always do, and yelped our way to the best BBQ ever. If you're ever in Bowling Green, please do me a favor and go to Smoky Pig Bar-B-Q. It looks like the sketchiest hole in the wall ever, but man. Best smoked pork sandwiches ever!!

Okay. So now comes time for my confession. PROMISE YOU WON'T JUDGE.

We really didn't drive an hour and a half to Bowling Green for the car museum. We came for ice cream. Well, for Blue Bell, to be more exact.

Because here's the thing. Have you ever had Blue Bell???? It's amazing. And they used to have it everywhere in the South, but then it was recalled and now it's only in certain areas. I was majorly craving it (pregnancy at its finest!), and I looked up the nearest place that sold it...which happened to be Bowling Green. I was like "We have to go right this second." Because obviously.

Jord is an INSANELY good husband, and went along with my craziness without a second thought. He packed up the kids, threw the cooler in the car, and we were off to the "Corvette Museum"(...aka off to get his crazy pregnant wife her favorite ice cream). If that isn't true love, I don't know what is.
^HAVE YOU HAD THIS FLAVOR?? It's sooooo good.^
^You'd better believe we got three half gallons! Amazing.^
Anyways, it was a really good day. The car museum with the boys, the amazing pork BBQ, and of course, THE ICE CREAM.

Man, I love The South, and I love my husband.


  1. Where did you find Blue Bell? My parents just moved up here from Alabama and my dad is having withdrawal symptoms!! He would totally drive an hour or more to get some!

  2. OhMyGosh!! I'm driving to BG today just for some BlueBell as well. I'm like a hour away and I haven't had some in the year that I haved been in L'Ville!! I can't wait until they bring it here, to L'Ville, in March!!