Kentucky State Fair!

Back in August, we went to the Kentucky State Fair! We ate awesomely greasy fair food, saw some animals, played some carnival games, and had a blast.

First stop, fair animals! Boston and Camden loved the animals, I thought they were super stinky, and Holland was scared out of his mind. So you know, an all-around favorite! Haha. But just look how cute these two are with the bunnies. Totally worth the poop smells!

 We saw some regular cows...
 and some of the Olympic variety.
^I love Kentucky.^
^Watching the dog show!^
After the animals, we headed over to get some food. First up, pulled pork sandwiches and giant $6 corn dogs! Because when at the fair, you know?
^Love that I accidentally caught that hair-pull in action. Haha! Brotherly love.^

Then we went over to the games & rides for the kids! I don't know what it is about fair games, but man. Nothing gets my kids more excited!! They freak out over all of the prizes and colorful booths. Kids really do make everything so fun. 
^Shoot it, Bost!^
^Cam's turn!^
^Prizes! Boston picked fake money (of course), and Camden got an angry bird^
^They also both won these lovely aliens. Gotta love carnivals!^
^Pure carnival joy.^
^Holland! You're cute.^
 We let the kids pick a ride, and they chose the flying elephants. They squealed and laughed, and seriously had the time of their lives.

Are these pictures not the cutest things you've ever seen??
^Hands in the air like you just don't care!^

After some games and rides, we headed over for round two of fair food! (Because when in Rome! Slash at the Kentucky Fair!) The kids got "bwoo ice tream" per Camden's request, and the grown-ups got fried oreos. AMAZING.
^(Choir of angels singing)^
^Death by oreo. Totally worth it.^
^Holland was a big fan of the oreos. But then again, who isn't??^
^I'm not really sure how this happened? #lifewithkids^
After we were completely stuffed and exhausted, we called it a day and headed home. 
Nothing wears you out like eating your weight in fried food and then walking a few miles in the summer heat! Haha. 

^Also, this one. Because hello, so precious!^

Such a fun-filled, Kentucky day! We had such a fun time. Summer is the best!

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