Nashville Weekend, part I!

A few weekends ago, we headed down to Nashville to spend the weekend with some of our great friends, the Nickells! We met the Nickells when we lived in Lexington for grad school, and it was so fun to meet up with them for the weekend in one of our favorite cities.

We have six kids, five and under, between our two families...and it was pretty hilarious to see everyone's reactions wherever we went. You could physically see people pointing and counting as we walked by, and we were cracking up! Hashtag, the Mormon life.

We started out at an outdoor festival, and just let the kids run and play while we caught up. It was so fun!

It wasn't long before we had to make an italian ice pit stop...because HELLO 90 degree heat!! haha. You've gotta love "Fall" in the South. But two thumbs up for italian ice!

^Look at their sweaty faces. Poor boys! haha^
^The kids were obsessed with this fountain, and played in it for like 45 minutes. Who needs a pool? haha^
^Holland and Lee, splashing around!^

After the kids (and the adults too!) were dying of heat exhaustion from being outside, we went and grabbed some pizza for dinner, and then headed straight to the pool. Because what's a mini-vacation without some quality pool time??

Our kids were little fishies and couldn't get enough of the water. (Also, don't mind the terrible lighting/ quality of these swimming photos. Gotta love the iPhone pics, yo! But the memories are worth it.)

^Beach bod.^
^Little Holland bug!^
^Blurry Camden fishy! This kid LOVES the water. He has no fear!^

After swimming, we went up to the room, snuggled in jammies, and let the kids eat donuts in bed while they watched cartoons. It was pretty messy, and totally worth it. I love vacation!

^Blurry donut-faced baby, asking for more donuts.^

Such a fun time. The next day, we woke up bright and early (thanks kids!), and headed off to our first Nashville stop: The Parthenon! (remember when we went there for the first time, two years ago? MY BABIES WERE SO SMALL!)

When we showed up, we realized that there was a car show going on, and the kids thought it was so awesome. Boston said, "Mom, maybe for Christmas I'll get you one of these shiny cars." Haha!

Then our kids climbed all over a statue before we headed across the street to the park for a bit. 
These pictures crack me up. Millions of children! Haha.
^Little squishable. And half of cute Millie!^
^He means business on the monkey bars.^
^Just look at that tongue! Haha^
^Oh man, Cam. That smile is the reason you get anything you want!^
After the kids got some wiggles out at the park, we headed back over to get a better look at the Parthenon! It really is so cool to see in person. It's massive! If you're ever in Nashville, you have to check it out.
^Holland's casual lean kills me in this one.^
^If there's a hill, my boys will roll down it. Guaranteed!^

^I love him.^
^Just a boy and his daddy.^
^Group photo with the Nickells!^
^Love this Boston man.^
^Me, Holland, and a baby bump!^

All of us adults were busy oohing and ahhhing over the Parthenon, when we turned around to see all of our kids sitting on the ground, happily digging away in the dirt. We were like, man. We stress about what we need to do and where we need to go and what fun things we can come up with to entertain our kids, and they are completely content with sticks and mud. 

Childhood is awesome!

So much fun.
Last bits of our Nashville weekend, coming up soon!

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