Hidden waterfall adventures.

(Yay! Another summer post! Thanks for bearing with me through this super late blogging episode. Haha! But seriously.)

Oh, summer in Kentucky. It's hot, it's humid, and it's insanely gorgeous. The greenery of a Kentucky summer is just amazing! Such an amazing place to live and be outside with kids. Just unbeatable.

This summer while we still lived in Louisville, I loved adventuring with my boys every day while Jordan was at work. We were usually sweating the entire time, and most days we went home to eat a thousand otter pops in a row... but we loved it!! 

One of our favorite spots we discovered near our house was a hidden oasis with waterfalls and clear pools of cool water where the kiddos splashed and played for hours. And yeah, it was pretty much as awesome as it sounds. It was completely enclosed by a grove of trees, and kind of down a rocky, steep hill...but SO worth it once we got inside. It really was magical for my boys, and for me. I mean, just look at the greenery!! You're killin' it, Kentucky.

^Also, look how little and chubby Holland was!! Oh my heart.^

Boston caught a tiny frog on the trail, and he was so proud! He said "His name is Hoppy! Because he's a frog. And he hops." (seems logical!) 
^The hidden oasis. Can you believe this??^

Oh and P.S., Holland got stung by a GIANT bee the day before this, and my gosh. Saddest thing ever. It stung him right in between his eyes, and he was swollen for days. Poor baby!!! At least he's still the cutest thing ever, but it makes my heart hurt when I look at these pictures and remember how sad that was.
^Such a sweet boy.^
^Tiny explorers^


^I mean seriously though. Favorite tiny humans ever.^
^a quick stop at the swings before we headed home^

What a place. Seriously...just incredible.
I'm so glad I have my three adventure buddies to explore with me. They make life so fun!

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