Louisville Bats Game!

More Summer catch-up posts, coming your way! 

In June we went to "Mormon night" at the Louisville Bats game, and it was a blast! We went back and forth about going, since it would be right at the kids' bedtime...and we knew they would be bears the next day. But we were like, you know what, YOLO. And we went for it anyways! Because sometimes you've just gotta live life. 

So we ate sno cones and cotton candy, cheered our hearts out, and had so much fun. The boys were in Heaven!! 

^Sweaty Holland Beck.^
^I think they kind of liked the sno cone. Poor Jord had it all over him at the end of the night!^

Boston was just a tad into the game. That kid seriously lives, eats, and breathes baseball. (I don't know how he eats it, but he does.) HE'S OBSESSED.

^I love him.^

The boys did the pitching cage for a buck a piece, and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Best two dollars I've spent in a while! They thought they were professional pitchers, and it was adorable. 

They also got free inflatable bats at the end, so they couldn't have been happier!
^Wind it up, Cam!^
^Boston the baseball man.^
^Heart explosion!^
^Sweaty post-game family photo!^
^Oh man, I love these little dudes.^
Such a fun night at the baseball game! It makes me excited for baseball season in the Spring. 
Because when you're a mom of all boys, those are the kinds of things you look forward to.
 It's pretty awesome.

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